Seeking out inspiration


What brings you inspiration?
I've been asking myself that all week for many different reasons.
One would be because I'm returning to the classroom next week and have been pondering classroom decor.  I like pretty things and I think that my students spend a lot of time staring at the walls, so it should be something meaningful.  In the past, I have had some great posters up like these:

And because I was that certain I wasn't returning to a classroom, I got rid of them.  So for this year, I'm thinking about recreating these:

But in all likelihood, I'll be doing this instead:

Actually, I should really get to work on that.  All I have done is ordered a bunch of adult colouring pages that I plan on plastering all over the bulletin boards and leaving little buckets of markets for the teenagers to colour with. Because you know, colouring instead of doing drugs is a thing.

In the end though, I want to work in a place where I can be inspired but also where my students can feel good about themselves too.  

I guess that brings me around to my second form of inspiration fixation.  What kind of person inspires me?  My immediate thought goes to all the celebs or heroes or authors or people who did amazing things.  But to me, the people who inspire me the most, are the people in my day-to-day.  
Everyday normal people who are dealt certain cards and go about their life in a positive way.

People like my Grams, who battled cancer 4 (5?) times and still managed to have a sense of humour and a bright outlook.   That lady was a fighter and I miss her everyday.

Or how about my girlfriend, Jyl, who definitely has had her fair share of struggles.  She tells her story honestly and has me either busting a gut laughing at her posts or bawling.  She is a special, special person and she is one of the first bloggers who encouraged me to start my own space.

Then there is Jordan who just posted a very heart-wrenching piece about missing her son.  It hurts to see a good friend lose a child and whenever I am having a bad day parenting, I know that by remembering the strength that Jordan possesses, I can pull myself together and get through my issues.    
Then there are those days when I don't want to workout and I just want to rebel and eat everything in the fridge and then some.   I think of Christy or my sister, Kyla for workout inspiration.  Christy continues to kick ass and has never given up since she decided to change her life 20 years ago.  Then my sister never sits down, never stops, is constantly on the go and somehow manages to tackle everything that comes her way and then serve it up on a healthy platter.  With brown rice on the side.

There are a lot of people who continue to inspire me and really, I don't have to look too far.  I know I am blessed that way.

When it comes down to it, I think inspiration is found in whatever brings you joy.   Whether it's a striking piece of music,  the sunset or a powerful work of art.  Or perhaps its that one person who always has the right answer, especially when you're procrastinating writing this post and can't get your thoughts together.

Speaking of which, this is the last in a year long series of post by the Style Me Bloggers, a group of women who also inspire me in their own ways.  We won't be posting under the Style Me Blogger name anymore, you'll have to stay tuned to the upcoming blogventure that we're about the embark on. Coming soon to an internet near you, The Blended Blog.
And yes, it will be awesome.


  1. OMG that text was hilarious!

  2. You are too sweet. Great post filled with much inspiration. I found this topic challenging when I actually sat down to right it. Great job!


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