July, in numbers

by - August 03, 2015

Is it already August? What?
Join me on the first Monday of every month as I do a review of the previous months!  You can read my previous posts here.  I hope to see some of you linking up, and if not, putting something creative together for September 7th when I do it again.

This month I'm happy to have two of my fellow fashion blogging gal pals co-hosting with me:  Leslie and Sarah.  I haven't met either but I have Google Hangout "met" them, which is practically the same. I instantly liked both of them, they are both  kind and soft spoken.  I hope to meet them in real life some day!  Please go check out their month in review posts!

Shoes to Shiraz | Foxy's Domestic Side | Once Upon a Time & Happily Ever After

And this is what went down in my month:

6 books read (yay, I've passed my 20 books read in 2015 goal)
Where'd You Go, Bernadette : I think this was my favourite read this month.  I love how the author weaved this story and her style of narration was totally how I think in my head.
Finding Audrey: Love me some Sophie Kinsella, so I had to read this one, even if it was for Young Adults.  I think this was really well done and would be a great read for any kid dealing with anxiety.
Grey: I had to read it, because of curiousity?  But I ended up fast-forwarding through most of it, it was just okay.
Beautiful Day: I liked it but I didn't love it.  I will, however, read more from this author.
Fortune's Rocks: My fave summer read! This is an early 1900s love story between a 15 year old girl and a 50 year old man.  I love how the author describes the time and the setting is so beautifully described.
The Girl on the Train:  Super good and finished it in 2 days.

1 book I couldn't get through: Alice Munro's "Dear Life"- this is my second failed attempt.  I'm going to reshelve it for fall and see if maybe fall makes me feel like reading short stories?

1 book partially complete and will be finished/reviewed in my August numbers post- I'm currently reading Liane Moriarty's "The Hypnotist's Love Story"

12 days completed in the 21 Day Fix Challenge.  I'll do a more complete review of this once it's over but I'm really enjoying it.  The workouts are challenging but not so challenging that I want to throw in the towel.  The meal planning is great because that's where I need to make changes in my bad eating habits and I'm extra motivated because I've seen results:  I'm down 3.2 lbs and have lost 4 inches (arms/legs).  Yay!

937.03$  Spent on groceries.  What. The. Hell.  Now there's a Costco run in there and many family hot dog roasts, but seriously, I need to cut this number in half.  That's way too much for groceries....or is it???

popsicle sticks completed:  We made a list of rainy day activities for the summer and well, it turns out that the drought hit.  We had maybe 3 days stuck inside because of the smoke and 1 true rainy day.

129.80$  spent on school supplies.  That's for 2 kids.  I'm not sure if that's good or not.

pool parties.  (and many, many more to come!)

8 of 18 check list items completed:  Again, I think the age the kids are at is a huge contributor to this!  I have never accomplished so much on my to-do list...also, maybe before I gave myself unrealistic goals?

5 ball games....I somehow managed to get through a season without throwing a ball overhand, stupid rotator cuff.  This is also my last season playing.  Lucia and Willis will both be playing next summer so there's no way, I'll sub instead.  It was kinda sad to go out on such a....sucky.....note.  Ah well. At least my socks were awesome.

29+ workouts:  I only had 2 days in July where I didn't make a point of working out and for the most part I'm working out 2  times a day.  Yay!!  That's way up from last month.

1 stepper down.  I had bought a portable stepper to have at the TV so I could at least be doing something productive while watching the Bachelorette.  It has been an awesome workout and I've used it most nights since I got it in May.  Well it broke, silly hydraulics.  So I improvised and got WAY more of a workout out of my freebie find in the kids' bathroom.

393, 753 steps over 271.28 km travelled.  That's up 30,000 steps from last month.

14 runs for a total of 45.82 kms. (same as last month, but longer distances)

birthday parties: this month we celebrated Aiden's 6th birthday with an epic bouncy castle and water balloon affair, as well as Carmen's 30 something birthday.

2 times I broke my July shopping ban.  I spent 48.28$ at Simons for  blue aviators, a choker (yay, 90s) and floral leggings.  I also spent 61.60$ at Sephora for a mascara and lipgloss.

3 trips to PA:  We made 2 trips to pick berries at Dan's parents and one to visit my parents.  My parents also took the kids camping for a couple of days and Dan's parents took Willis for a couple nights.  Staycations are the best thing ever.  That's all.

? gallons of berries.  I don't speak in gallons, although that feels like it would be a good measurement for the amount we picked.  How about I go with 12 ice cream pails of berries picked. Yay!

pies made with said berries.  My mom made tons of jam too and I'm attempting my first batch today.

3,780 pageviews on this blog which is down from last month.

17 kickass songs on my workout playlist that get my butt moving!

hours daydreaming of fall fashion.  Follow my Pinterest board here.

869 instagram photos in our challenge for the yearish that we've been running it.  These are the top 5 like photos.  Now, tell me which picture you like the most in the comments and maybe the winner will get a jar of homemade jam :)

In 5th place, a 3 way tie, with 29 likes:

A photo posted by MammaBear Simair (@shoestoshiraz) on
A photo posted by MammaBear Simair (@shoestoshiraz) on

A photo posted by Jennifer Morgan (@nc30grits) on
In 4th place with 31 likes:

in 3rd place with 43 likes:

in 2nd place with 85 likes:

and in 1st place with 93 likes:

A photo posted by Kathy Williams (@kathyljwilliams) on

We're doing the insta challenge again this month and while I didn't put it on the graphic, I'm thinking we'll have to revisit this top 5 contest..... Give me a month to think on it.  In the meantime, why don't you participate with us!

Here's to a great month and also to another hot summer month coming up that hopefully won't see me prepping too much of my courses ahead of time.

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  1. OMG I am so impressed with your workout numbers! That is AWESOME!!! And the 21 Day Fix...wow! I can't wait to see your review of it. Doesn't it involve no alcohol or caffeine? I could be out if that's the case. Oh and DYING over the nostalgic reads! My daughter and I just started The Truth About Stacy :) but I forgot about Sweet Valley! Ah, the good old days :) XOXOXO

  2. Yay for numbers posts, thanks for having us! I need to write stuff down as I do them, like you do, keep a running total. And I don't think $900+ for groceries is that much for 4 people. But that may just be me. We spend more then that on our groceries...

  3. Love this!! I knew that book post of yours would be in the top five!! Love those old school books!! YAY for such awesome workout numbers!! Love the stepper!! So many books read! Jealous but thanks for the review of Finding Audrey...I want to read that! Yay Sarah and Leslie for co-hosting! I'll have my post linked up tomorrow!!

  4. Everything is more expensive here in El Paso. Just explain your monthly grocery expenses that way. I did notice that the prices on some things were incredibly cheap in the commissary where we shop on Ft. Bliss. Milk was $1.63 a gallon. Crazy! I am impressed with the number of books you've read and the number of workouts you have completed. Holy smokes! Well done, my friend. Great month! Great recap.

  5. Thanks for allowing us to co-host.!

  6. Congrats on the workouts!

    Groceries are expensive, especially when you eat healthy.

    Glad you liked girl on the train. I am on a reading role!

    I really like fight song right now.

  7. Wow, you were a workout beast in July :)! I just ordered the Bernadette book, and I won't even tell you how much I spend on groceries every month. Yikes. I vote for your picture with the swimming pool.

  8. are you doing the shakeology with the 21 day fix???
    My cousin is a beachbody rep so I'm thinking of signing up... just not sure how long I need to wait before I can start the workouts and how to adjust things for breastfeeding.
    You're a workout MACHINE!!! Keep up the awesome work!!
    That seems like a lot for groceries but Costco ALWAYS kills me... I need to stay away from there lol

  9. DAMN. I forgot to do your selfie one. AGAIN.

  10. I really love reading your numbers and what you did all month. It always.ALWAYS.ALWAYS make me want to come live in your house and be a part of your life. So much good stuff, friend!

  11. Yay, super excited to read yours!

  12. Can't find the InLinkz button to click on to add my permalink to my post. Here it is: http://onceuponatimehappilyeverafter.com/?p=2754

  13. I am going to make a real effort to only by the necessities this month and see if I see a difference next recap

  14. Ha. No alcohol or caffeine would be a deal breaker for me. I limit myself to 3 glasses of wine a week now.....instead of a night ;) and coffee, well, how does one adult without it??? I'm not trying that.

  15. Kay, you have 3 men in your house. I can't even imagine. You probably go through 2 4 litres of milk a day.

  16. I am doing the shakeology but won't continue it when its done because 1- it tastes like a mix of dust and chalk and 2- it's effing expensive. Would rather spend my money on shoes.

  17. Nope. Pass it along!

  18. Ah, get that passport worked out and come for a visit!

  19. Do you want your book back or should I pass it on to Sara or Can??


Have a lovely day!