A Kinda Christmas Fashion Tale

How we celebrated our 8 year old

You know what they say, plan an outdoor party and it shall rain.  Well geez, Mother Nature got us for the second year in a row.  I should have planned this party in July when we needed the rain. Oy.  So the backyard birthday extravaganza got rained out and we stuffed a wackload of people inside instead. Whatevs.  It worked.

Lucia was quite eager to give Willis the gift she picked out for him: a remote control card.

We planned a busy day with visits from friends/family, starting at 9:30 when a couple of Will's friends from school came to play until 1.  The boys easily amused themselves.  Willis requested rice krispie cake as his cake, thank God! How easy was that to make the night before :)

Then Grandma and Grandpa showed up around 3.  Yes, Lucy also got a hair cut.  But that was so two days ago.

 He got another remote control car that I think Grandpa had quite a fun time "testing" out for him.  Willis and Lucia can now happily race each other.

Then more people came. He had a couple more boys from his class and two girls, gasp!  Actually, it was really neat because Faith and Liam both have birthdays today too, so we were able to have a cake for them and celebrate their day.  Birthday triplets, how cool!  Not too sure what's up with his face here.

 The house was packed, the kids were loud and it was a great, wonderful, love-filled time.  And this is where I kinda forgot to continue taking pictures.  I did want to get a shot of all the guests with Willis but hey, I also forgot to wear my superheromom cape and am allowed to drop the ball.

 Nothing like a good game of topless bump to get the boys nice and sweaty.

So of course, despite the rain, they jumped in the pool.

We tried something different this year and asked for cash donations to send to our sponsor child, Yuli.  Willis was all over this and way more game than I thought he would be.  He did get gifts, but just not the excess that one gets at birthday parties.   This week he will write her a letter and tell her about his plan.

 Despite the torrential rains, muddy roads and stuck in the house-ness of this party, it was, as always, fabulous to gather our friends and family together to break bread and celebrate another year of such a sweet, loving, little boy.

Willis, these are your people.  They will stand by you in all that you do and my hope for you, is that you always surround yourself with people who love you and push you and motivate you and who stand up for you.  Life is so much better with good people to share it with.

And just for gits and shiggles, I'm leaving you with the loudest rendition of Happy Birthday that I've ever heard.  You're welcome.