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High School Me

Linking up today with Momfessionals as we share what we were like in high school.

If you knew me in high school, these are things you may or may not have known about me:

I did an exchange in Grade 11: a Montrealer came to live with me for 3 months, then I went to live wtih her in a suburb of Montreal for 3 months.  Annick was wonderful and we still keep in touch.

I loved making photo albums, all of which have been pilfered for their pictures.  Some have been scanned, some haven't; it's a work in progress.

Two of my besties in High School are no longer with us.  It mades me sad to see this page side by side.
I was very involved in school:  SRC and various sports.  I wasn't highly academic, I was on the honour roll but not high 90s or anything like my sister.

Kyla is 4 years younger than me, and my brother 6.  I wouldn't' say I was particularly close to my siblings, especially in high school.  that would change when I went to university.  I liked them and all but we weren't tight like we are now.

We didn't travel tons growing up, in fact the first time I flew was in grade 11 to Montreal.  We took yearly trips (driving) to B.C and that was perfect for me.

My first job was the summer going in to grade 10? 11?  I worked at the Carlton Honda and washed cars, did the parts inventory and drove the courtesy car.

I maintained a very busy social life and was sooo happy when I moved away to university and didn't have the pressure of going out all the time.

I had my own landline 922-PARK.
Alison in my strange room.  Note my blankies on my bed.  Yup, I had blankies from I was a wee one until Dan made me get rid of them because they were reduced to threads. From love.
I was going to be a psychologist until I went to Quebec and loved it and then decided I wanted to go back, so I signed up for French Education so I could go study in Quebec City.

I was a student of the french immersion program, so was Dan.  My first gig teaching was back at my alma mater where I had the honour challenge of teaching my brother and Dan's two brothers.
The annual "first day of school" picture...except we had to wake Kyla up b/c she was in university and hadn't started.  It was my first day teaching and brother's first day of grade 11.

Teaching drama and wearing a tuque.  Only because we had two separate buildings and had to cross back and forth in the winter.
Dan was in grade 10 when I was in grade 12.  I remember watching him play volleyball and thinking that "AirSimair" was super cute.

I volunteered with the music ministry at my church, playing piano for the choir and singing.

I braces from grade 10 until Grade 12 They were the clear braces and I also had an eye tooth that grew in the roof of my mouth that they dragged to an opening they made.  I remember the day I got my braces off soooo clearly.

I played ringette and fastball competitively and loved every minute of it.

I went to grad in grade 11 with my grade 12 boyfriend.  Why was it cool to wear matching shoes to your dress and pantyhose???  Oh, 1996.

I loved my grad dress. I looked like a giant disco ball but who cares, I still love that dress but am definitely over the matching (dyed) gloves and shoes.  I will occasionally still wear it this dress although I, um..... fill it out much more now.

 I loved high school but I think I loved it because I was involved in tons of different activities and groups.  Maybe that's why I love being a high school teacher: I love seeing kids get involved and find their passion.  High School can define who you become and what kind of person you will be.  I was lucky to be surrounded by great role models in my family, outstanding teachers and supportive friends, most of whom still play a major role in my life.

I wanted to get my mom to add some to this post as I'm sure she has much....different....memories of me in high school.  So mom, what would you add that I missed????