A Kinda Christmas Fashion Tale

Happy 8th Birthday, Willis

My dear, sweet, growing up too fast, Willis, you are 8 years old today.

While I bug you often about not wanting you to grow up too quickly, I do have to admit that I'm rather proud of the wonderful little man-cub that you're becoming.

You still incessantly tell me you love me, but majorly blush when we talk about the girls in your class.
You love morning cuddles with your blue blanket (and me) but you also push us away when you need your independence or know that you'll miss us.  You would not talk to me on the phone while you stayed at Nana and Papa's for 2 days, and I know it was because you didn't want to miss us.

You want me to have another baby, preferably Jamison.  You told me to rub my belly and ask for one, because that's how you get a baby, right? I was not having that talk with you, so I went with it.
For the record, Lucia will be your only sibling.  Your cousins, however, count as siblings too.  While you and Kinsey butt heads often, you do love them and genuinely want to be around them.
You have a special bond with your little boy cousin.
You love your aunties and uncles and grandparents and truly want to be with them and know more about them.
You listen and you learn so easily.  You have an insane memory.
You are athletic and competitive and you hate to lose.
You love peanut butter on toast in the morning, you don't like bananas and even if you tell me you don't like the (usually awesome) supper I've made, you will eat it after I make you sit there.
You read quietly on the couch or in your room.
You love your Blue Jays and the Raptors.

I remember reading the famous Robert Munch book before I had you...the I will love you forever.  I recall imagining what it would be like to have a child and be responsible for someone else and how scaring, daunting and utterly amazing that task was.  Willis,  I didn't really know what unconditional love meant before having you; you are such a blessing in our lives.

You make us proud each and every day.  We are the lucky ones, little boy.
I love you.
Happy 8th Birthday!