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From the past: nostalgic series

Today I'm looking back and remembering, as I will do on every last Monday of the month, because I love reflecting.  I love remembering.  I adore taking a step out of my life and visiting Deena of the past.  So today, since I just got back last night from our 10th annual girls' trip (and won't be posting about it until next week) , I'm bringing you back to a girls trip post from March 22nd, 2010

Ah. Hah.  (Read original post here with comments)
It's amazing what 3 days away with your girlfriends can do for your perspective.

Being a fulltime teacher, mom & wife can take it's toll: corrections and planning occupy my time when all I can think about is Willis, then when I'm concentrating on Willis, my mind is always consumed with the list of to dos for a teacher. Throw in maintaining superwife status and bam, I have a headache. I'm pretty sure that getting rid of my job would solve everything.

That's why I treasure so much the chance to step out of my life for 3 days and take off with my friends. It's almost like taking 10 years off my life and journeying to a time when our worlds revolved around our friendships and our quest for love and social domination at that narly bar. Granted, much has changed in those 10 years, but it's so very easy to slip back into that frame of mind, especially when the laughter has reached a fevered pitch. Not all of the girls made it this year, but they were definitely refered in the conversations/remembrances we had. People can affect your life so deeply that their memories become etched into yours. That's what it's like sharing the same friendships that have lasted some 26, some 15 years.

I have nothing but gratitude for my friends. Going away like this makes me remember who I was, who I am and who I aspire to become. They can bring out the best and the bitchiest in me and love me regardless. That's why they're so great. It's wonderful knowing that no matter what happens in life, there will always be a sister-like friend who'll support me or laugh at with me. Going away with them for 3 days renews my heart and my ability to love my husband and my son stronger than I did before I left.
Yay for friends!

Girls 2010 from Dee on Vimeo.


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