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21 Day Fix review

On Sunday I completed the 21 Day Fix and I figured since you would be curious to know how I liked it, that I should probably compile my thoughts.  And really, any chance for me to use bullet points, I'm in.
  • The workouts (30 minutes a day, 7 days a week) were awesome and probably my favourite part.  There's a different one for each day and they had enough variety that I was actually looking forward to them.  I used 8lb weights for all the drills and will have to up that for the next time I do the 21 Days.  While a workout each day sounds daunting, it really wasn't.  In the mix was a Pilates and a Yoga which were nice compliments to the arms, legs,  2 cardios and 1 a little bit of everything video.
  • Now the meal planning, that was the daunting part for me.  You get these colourful little containers.  And when I say little, I mean little.  Candace and I were both amazed how much smaller they were in real life.  Also- one of my besties, Candace did this at the same time as me, which made things a lot easier.  Anyway, back to the meal planning.  Once I figured out how to plan my days, it was much simpler than it looked.  Basically they have you eating in a calorie reduction mode.  So, for instance, I was trying to stick to 1800 calories a day.  But you couldn't just eat a big bag of popcorn and call it a day.  You had to measure your meals out in these containers (portion control for dummies) and make sure that you are hitting on the food groups.  So I would have 3 servings of fruits, 4 servings of vegetables, 4 servings of protein, 3 servings of carbs, 1 of cheese and 1 of nuts.  The guide gives you a list of things you can eat and it was extensive and easy to build meals out of.  Here are 2 of my favourite meals:

Garden potato fries, cooked in 1 tbsp of oil (one yellow)
Swiss chard (from the garden, good work Lucia!) feta and beet salad (one green and 1/4 blue)
A steak seasoned with pepper (two reds)

This was my go-to breakfast when the raspberries were ready and I was able to have them fresh from the garden:
Oatmeal (one yellow)
Fresh berries (one purple)
seasoned with cinnamon.

  • For me, the biggest thing I was looking forward to was the "fix".   I have horrible eating habits at night.  That 9-10:30 always got me snacking, often having a drink (or two), which, because it's summer, was mostly beer and clam.  And my snacking wasn't healthy at all, my comfort food time which would ideally be anything from popcorn, to Mexican Chili chips to nachos to Chicago Mix.  So I knew I had to change that to get myself on track.  Part of the plan lets you substitute a 4 oz glass of red wine in for a yellow serving 3 times a week and of course I did that.  But I saved it for special nights that felt more like a celebration.  And my snacking switched to cheese and crackers or fruit.  Or not at all.  Seriously, most nights it felt like I was battling an addiction.  I. Wanted. To. Snack.  
  • I signed up with a coach (fellow blogger, Kelly @Familiar Joy).  It was nice to have the support and someone I could ask if I had questions.  She also had a Facebook group where people shared recipes and such.
  • For me, if a weight loss plan is going to work, I have to be able to live.  So of course, when we had Willis' birthday, I had cake.  And hell ya, later that night I had a Stella-bration to celebrate 8 years of my little boy.  And when Lucia made me a marshmallow on the campfire, I didn't decline it.  I just did everything knowing that I had to stick in that 1800 caloric range and therefore made adjustments.  It was like being on WeightWatchers but forcing you to eat all the food groups.  Mind you, weightwatchers does a good job with that too, but somehow, I had more success with this plan.
  • The results, because that was the most motivating part for me.  I lost  3.5  lbs and 8.5 inches (.5" in each arm, 1" in waist, .5" in hips and 3" in each leg).   Is it noticeable? Absolutely.  My clothes fit much better and well, that's all you need for a little jump in your step and confidance.  And we all know that happy girls are the prettiest.  So it's kinda a cycle.  I workout hard and build muscle and feel damn strong.  I see results in my how my clothes fit and that motivates me to eat better and take better care of my body.  Win win, I say.  I'm not too sure my hubby would say the same, I almost killed him with my death stare when he would have a Coke Zero.
  • Will I do this again ? Absolutely.  I'm taking this a portion of this week off as we did some camping with friends and then with my parents but I will be back at it tomorrow, starting again from day 1.  My plan is to up the weights in my workouts and possibly double up (do two a day) and then work on getting that eating into more of a healthy habit.