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From the past: nostalgic series

Today I'm looking back and remembering, as I will do on every last Monday of the month, because I love reflecting.  I love remembering.  I adore taking a step out of my life and visiting Deena of the past.  So today, since I just got back last night from our 10th annual girls' trip (and won't be posting about it until next week) , I'm bringing you back to a girls trip post from March 22nd, 2010
Ah. Hah.  (Read original post here with comments) .. It's amazing what 3 days away with your girlfriends can do for your perspective.

Being a fulltime teacher, mom & wife can take it's toll: corrections and planning occupy my time when all I can think about is Willis, then when I'm concentrating on Willis, my mind is always consumed with the list of to dos for a teacher. Throw in maintaining superwife status and bam, I have a headache. I'm pretty sure that getting rid of my job would solve everything.

That's why I treasure so much the chance to step out …

My back to school wishes for the kids

This year Willis is entering Grade 3.  I have no concerns about this.  I shan't even bat an eye.  The kids is so grown up that I barely have to parent him anymore. Just kidding.  He's still scared of the tooth fairy.

Lucia though, my baby, my littlest, will begin Kindergarten.  We have already established our beginning of school ritual (girls pedicures) (which she thought was the coolest thing)

Truth be told, I'm not as anxious about her debut into scholarly life as I was with Willis, as there are many variables that are quite different.  Willis was going out into the world, on the bus, by himself.

I just spent the last 20 minutes browsing sobbing through my previous posts on Willis' grande debut in kindergarten.  You can see what I'm talking about if  you like.  This is what I wrote on the day he started and then this is the next day.  Man, I'm so grateful to have this blog at moments like this.  There's no way my old memory would rememb…

When I let my kids game

My kids don't get tons of screen time and you can guarantee that when they do that there is a rhyme and a reason.  I believe that there is a learning opportunity in everything that you do, video games included, so I really doubt you're surprised to learn that I play the teacher role at home as well.
I like having royal subjects to boss around.
So when I was contacted last week by the people at Kuato Studios about reviewing their newest game, Safari Tales, it was an easy yes. Especially after I learned that their apps were created by a company which was formed by experts from the computer games industry and also award-winning teachers with the purpose of creating exciting games that engage kids.

And any teacher or parent knows that there is not much more perfect than a kid who is completely consumed in a task.

Kuato Studios already has a couple award winning and highly successful games under their belt:
 Their first game, Hakitsu, is a robot battle game where kids take contro…

Summer in review

Today marks the last day of summer. Le sigh.
Tomorrow I head back to school to staff meetings and then Friday is our division Mass. My kids will spend some time with my parents before they start full time in day care on Monday, before school starts on Tuesday.
Yup, it was inevitable, but our summer break is officially over.

I gotta say this though, this was my favourite summer of all time.  Why, you ask?  I think it was a combination of the kids age (read: independence) or  (ability to be left in a room so I can shower and such) along with the pool.  We didn't go anywhere this summer (well anywhere that wasn't more than 2 hours away).  It was a laid back summer that allowed Dan to work at his very busy job and not miss us.  We were quite happy to stay home and swim, three times a day.
We did do other things too.  So for the record, 2015 was the summer of:

sing alongs to anything on the radio.  The kids have Andy Grammar's "Honey, I'm Good" and Aqua's &quo…

What I want for fall

I'm finally getting into the swing of things, fashion-wise, only because work is starting this week and it's highly frowned upon that I wear my pajamas there.
What excites me (perhaps the most) about going back to the classroom is getting to fraternize with my work friends and my adolescent friends while wearing pretty clothes.
And you know what that means: I'm already thinking fall fashion.
So I'm taking the opportunity today to linkup with my blog friends to talk my wants for fall fashion.

Hosted by ~ Carrie/A Lovely Little Wardrobe ~ Bloglovin/Facebook/Instagram Whitney/Whitney à La Mode ~ Bloglovin/Instagram Casey/A Little Bit of Cheer ~ Bloglovin/Facebook/Instagram
A couple of weeks ago I started adding to my Fall Fashion Wants pin board on Pinterest.  You can follow here.  But I also created a 90s inspired board (here) because it seemed that everything I loved was something that I may or may not have sported in high school.  
I have a running list, in no particula…

Seeking out inspiration

What brings you inspiration?
I've been asking myself that all week for many different reasons.
One would be because I'm returning to the classroom next week and have been pondering classroom decor.  I like pretty things and I think that my students spend a lot of time staring at the walls, so it should be something meaningful.  In the past, I have had some great posters up like these:

And because I was that certain I wasn't returning to a classroom, I got rid of them.  So for this year, I'm thinking about recreating these:

But in all likelihood, I'll be doing this instead:

Actually, I should really get to work on that.  All I have done is ordered a bunch of adult colouring pages that I plan on plastering all over the bulletin boards and leaving little buckets of markets for the teenagers to colour with. Because you know, colouring instead of doing drugs is a thing.

In the end though, I want to work in a place where I can be inspired but also where my students ca…

High School Me

Linking up today with Momfessionals as we share what we were like in high school.

If you knew me in high school, these are things you may or may not have known about me:

I did an exchange in Grade 11: a Montrealer came to live with me for 3 months, then I went to live wtih her in a suburb of Montreal for 3 months.  Annick was wonderful and we still keep in touch.

I loved making photo albums, all of which have been pilfered for their pictures.  Some have been scanned, some haven't; it's a work in progress.

I was very involved in school:  SRC and various sports.  I wasn't highly academic, I was on the honour roll but not high 90s or anything like my sister.
Kyla is 4 years younger than me, and my brother 6.  I wouldn't' say I was particularly close to my siblings, especially in high school.  that would change when I went to university.  I liked them and all but we weren't tight like we are now.

We didn't travel tons growing up, in fact the first time I flew …

Sisterhood of the Blog

The Annual Trip with the Hamiltons

For four straight years, we have planned a summer getaway with our friends, the Hamiltons.  You can read about the previous adventures here.

It's pretty neat to see how, in 4 short years, this weekend has quickly morphed into one of the most anticipated for the kids (and adults too).  They have formed friendships with Calder, Boone and Lawson and love hanging out with them.  I don't think the kids had a fight once of the weekend. Which is quite amazing given that my kids seem to LOOOOVE fighting.
I don't know about you, but I think it's really important that we take time out of a life and forge those relationships as it shows the kids the importance of building and maintaining friendships.  I know my parents did that with their family friends and it always stuck out to me as an integral part of life.  Some year, I'd love to see the other members in that group of friends join us!

I guess it makes it easy when you just click, kids aside, even my husband would note …

21 Day Fix review

On Sunday I completed the 21 Day Fix and I figured since you would be curious to know how I liked it, that I should probably compile my thoughts.  And really, any chance for me to use bullet points, I'm in.
The workouts (30 minutes a day, 7 days a week) were awesome and probably my favourite part.  There's a different one for each day and they had enough variety that I was actually looking forward to them.  I used 8lb weights for all the drills and will have to up that for the next time I do the 21 Days.  While a workout each day sounds daunting, it really wasn't.  In the mix was a Pilates and a Yoga which were nice compliments to the arms, legs,  2 cardios and 1 a little bit of everything video. Now the meal planning, that was the daunting part for me.  You get these colourful little containers.  And when I say little, I mean little.  Candace and I were both amazed how much smaller they were in real life.  Also- one of my besties, Candace did this at the same time as me, w…

How we celebrated our 8 year old

You know what they say, plan an outdoor party and it shall rain.  Well geez, Mother Nature got us for the second year in a row.  I should have planned this party in July when we needed the rain. Oy.  So the backyard birthday extravaganza got rained out and we stuffed a wackload of people inside instead. Whatevs.  It worked.

How does your garden grow?

Oh that garden.   So, here's the thing:  it didn't rain in Saskatchewan in July.  At all.  Well, at least not over our acreage, anyway.
We were certain our crops would be toast.  It was so dry that our 12 ft deep dugout was empty by the end of the month.  Yuck.
And then at the end of the month, it finally rained and rained and rained. For about an hour.  And all of a sudden, everything popped up and went nuts!
1/4 of the garden is Lucia's...she picked all the seeds she wanted to plant (which are all rainbow..rainbow carrots, purple beans, purple potatoes...)  That kid.

Happy 8th Birthday, Willis

My dear, sweet, growing up too fast, Willis, you are 8 years old today.

While I bug you often about not wanting you to grow up too quickly, I do have to admit that I'm rather proud of the wonderful little man-cub that you're becoming.

You still incessantly tell me you love me, but majorly blush when we talk about the girls in your class.
You love morning cuddles with your blue blanket (and me) but you also push us away when you need your independence or know that you'll miss us.  You would not talk to me on the phone while you stayed at Nana and Papa's for 2 days, and I know it was because you didn't want to miss us.

You want me to have another baby, preferably Jamison.  You told me to rub my belly and ask for one, because that's how you get a baby, right? I was not having that talk with you, so I went with it.
For the record, Lucia will be your only sibling.  Your cousins, however, count as siblings too.  While you and Kinsey butt heads often, you do love the…

Wedding attire

Last week we talked my dreams of recreating my wedding and what I'd pick, dress wise.  I'm still daydreaming about that and was pleased to see that I'm not the only one who regularly envisions another wedding, but to the same wonderful man.
I love weddings.  I have even done videography and photography for weddings, but stopped when they started cutting too much into weekends with my kiddos.
This year, we have zero weddings.  First time ever.  Are we out of wedding season? For this year, sure, but we have a big family wedding coming up next September, so I have to do some thinking.
Luckily, I was contacted by the people at Paul Fredrick to see if I wanted to talk tips for the coordination of outfits for weddings.  Perfect timing, because you know that I'm already coveting dresses and creating a stockpile of potentials.  But that also means that I'm thinking colour coordination for the whole family.
So I put together two ensembles that I would definitely pick if t…