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What We Wore, le trois

Happy Canada Day, fellow Canadians....we'll be enjoying our day at the pool while watching the Jays and definitely enjoying some wonderful Canadian a beer and clam and ketchup chips.

We're almost done our Summer Style Challenge and I'm sad to admit that I'm losing steam.  Actually, I think that mostly has to do with the onslaught of summer and the lack of desire to comb my hair, put on makeup or get dressed for that matter.
Good news is though, folks, I don't have to think to about that because my outfit formulas have been provided, I've just taken creative control to make them into outfits that suit my style and my body. Isn't that what it's all about? Discovering who you are and how what you wear speaks to that?

Anywho, here is what I wore this week (I mostly like this new collage format because I can see what kind of day it was in the reflection off my deck. Sigh, I miss blue skies and the sun):

OOTD 10: Chambray + Flowy Top + Lace Shorts + Metallic Sandal.  A chambray shirt, unbuttoned over a tank is not something I would wear, so I chose a denim jacket instead.  I loved having a chance to wear this purple lace tank again..I got it in Scotland in 2011.

OOTD 11: Maxi + Floppy Hat + Metallic Sandal.  I had fun playing with this one...and I even had a chance to style the mint poof skirt from last week.  Read about my rant on poof skirts here.

OOTD 12: Lace Top + Boyfriend Shorts + Metallic Sandals.  Free People is one of my favourite brands and it's mostly because of this flowy, spinny, summery, boho-y shirt.  Love.

OOTD 13: Kimono + Flowy Top + White Shorts + Wedges:  Also loved having a chance to wear this boho, gramma's tablecloth vest....I haven't worn it out in public yet..but don't you worry, it will see the light of day, it makes me way too happy.

OOTD 14: Floppy Hat + White Dress + Striped Espadrilles.  Enter white dress numero deux, old from H&M...I just couldn't wear it out though, it felt far too dressy.  So I changed into my flower power dress which is much more me.  Which, I didn't actually wear out, but I sure felt good flouncing around the house.

OOTD 15: Floppy Hat + Lace Top + Printed Shorts  Striped Espadrilles:  Easy Peasy outfit, except I forgot the floppy hat.  Which is something I only wear to the beach or the pool.  

OOTD 16:  Chambray + White Tank + Bright Shorts + Necklace + Striped Espadrilles:  Again, not buying into the chambray shirt, so I was more than happy to sport my new distressed/slightly acid wash vest, which I feel I need to talk more about.

Confession.  I love the 90s.

On Spotify, it is the only playlist that can make me truly happy and now the fashion is starting to seep into everything that I want.  In fact, when I was watching Friends from Season 1, there were so many outfits that I thought would look awesome now, with just a couple updates.  In fact, I think that will be my first fashion post once these challenges are done in 2 weeks.

Anyway, to be more specific, I have a love for acid wash.  Such a big love that I completely forgot my June buying freeze and may have bought 2 pairs of acid wash jeans and one slightly acid washed denim vest (see above).
I found these boyfriend jeans at Forever 21 (since when is size 12 a plus size (&%#@)????)
I also like these acid wash "mom" jeans for you skinny beaches who can shop normal sizes at F21 and not get fat shamed....
Then there is the distress denim vest, again from F21 and super soft, light and comfy.

So many more 90s finds that I would love to chat about, but I am now going to save that for a special 90s inspired fashion post to come in 2 weeks.   It's going to be all that and a bag of chips.

Come back on Friday and link up with me as we recap our June!!
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