My style: What I learned from friends.

by - July 15, 2015

And by friends, I mean FRIENDS.

But really, so much sage fashion advice on that show, from Joey's turkey pants, to Joey wearing ALL of Chandler's clothes to Rachel's "I had a bad day" boots.

So, earlier this year I was watching Friends from the beginning while on my treadmill.
Thank you, Netflix!
I noticed something.  Everything that Rachel, Monica and Phoebe was wearing is very familiar to what we're wearing now.  Which makes me want to scream YAY THE NINETIES ARE BACK!


Some of my favourite fashion were things I sported in high school: baby doll dresses with a tshirt underneath and Doc Marten boots, baggy jeans with a tshirt and a plaid shirt overtop, OVERALLS!!!!!

I picked some of my favourite Friends outfits and decided to show you how I'm wearing the 90s this summer/fall.

Here are my takes :

acid wash/distressed boyfriend jeans dressed up.  (Forever 21)

Acid Wash/Distressed Denim Vest (Forever 12) + Pay Me In Manolos and Mojitos shirt (T&J Design) and palazzo pants.
same denim vest and romper

Acid wash skinnies (JunaRose from White Dahlia in YXE) with neon splatter shoes

Sporting my white waistcoat (which is too big and needs to be taken in) (Forever 21) over my romper with my favourite graduate.
Now if I were in a shopping mood (which, really, give me a Stella and sit me down at the computer to write a blog post about fashion and suddenly I am)...this is what I would be buying that reminds me of the nineties...oh, while coincidentally listening to this:

1) A little mesh (good find, Monique!) :
2) A little monochromatic stripe action (Ali, doesn't this remind you of Kelly's grad dress?):

and because I can't leave you with just a "does that remind you" teaser, here's the beautiful Kelly's dress.  She is the Kelly that I often refer to when I talk about my friend who left us 14 years ago, killed in a car crash at the young age of 21, 5 weeks before her wedding.  The friend who's name Lucia Kelly carries.  Feeling a tad sentimental tonight- she was one of my favourite parts of making the 90s soooo dang fun for us.  On her left, dressed as a disco ball, that's moi. :)

3) A choker!!! I didn't really like these in high school but I will certainly try them out now!
Dear American friends, I know I referenced a lot of things from Québecoise department store, Simons...but I would just like to point out that it is my favourite place in the world.  You should be shopping there too, because they now ship to the States and because your dollar is killer here!  Canadian shipping on 100$ and free returns. You can't go wrong.  Simons, why don't you have an affiliate program yet??!!

I'm going to stop there, only because I fear for the length of this post if I continue to dive into 90s inspired fashion that I the meantime you can check out the Pinterest board that I'll continue to add to here.
Can't get enough of the 90s either?  Here's an awesome look by InStyle of the 90s fashion that has come back.

Also, for some more throwback fun, I'm going to start a blog series that centres around throwbacks...stay tuned for an announcement in a couple weeks.
Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Ah, those Friends had great style didn't they??! I still love rachel's hair! :) LOL! You did a great job with your throwback, yet updated looks!! XO

  2. Simon's ships here now? Uh oh. I was 90's fashionable for the first few years - and then I started having kids and it was all sweats and tshirts. Maybe 90's part two will be 90's part one for me! Love everything you wore.

  3. LOVE the 90s picks!! The vest has to be my fav... now I want to watch friends.
    I haven't ordered anything from Simons yet, NEED to get on that!

  4. This might be the best post!! I LOVE Friends. Great jeans and you know me and the denim vest are besties these days! I have to check out Simmons!

  5. Rachel always looked great, no matter what she was wearing.

  6. I like sweats and t-shirts!!!! Frankie says relax.

  7. WHAT??? NO Simons? I don't think we can be friends anymore. Wait. You are preggers, I forgive you.

  8. lol I know! I had never even heard of it before you!! So I'll owe you once I lose some baby weight and start shopping there (or rather, my husband will start to REALLY dislike you lol)

  9. I love Friends. And the fashion that is and will come back :)

  10. OH my gosh I heart this post so much! Simon's I need to check it out, I wonder how much shipping is...hmmm...But so funny that the 90's are back. I was just seeing the choker thing coming back and I think I still have my choker from the 90's, going to have to go look for it! I'll post an outfit with it if I do, haha.


Have a lovely day!