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My favourite Summer Eats and Treats

But first, before I forget...August 3rd will be the next "Month in review" linkup .... summarize what you accomplished in your month or get crazy and use only numbers.
Now on to the regular scheduled programming.....

Oh, summer cooking!  For this series' link up, I decided to feature 5 recipes that make special appearances in the summer. Okay, Saskatoon pie makes an appearance all year round, but whatevs, it's that good.

1- Pie, of the Saskatoon variety: picked fresh from our backyard or from Dan's parents'.  Saskatoons are like a blueberry but not.  Read about them here

2- Mom's potato salad:  what I love about this salad is that everything in it can be taken from our garden. Except I forgot eggs and (thankfully) we don't have chickens.

3- Homemade burgers:  my mom makes the best burgers and I have happily brought that recipe into my house.  I love homemade hamburger and I don't like burgers bought from a box.  I guess I am spoiled.  Although, I do guiltfully indulge in the occasion McD's cheeseburger and love every minute of it.  Delish.  And sorry, no picture. We eat them way too quickly to capture them on film.  And I know I should provide recipes for mom's staples, but her recipes never have exact's all about taste.  Hey mom, you're retired...why don't you work on a guest post with some of your go-to recipes.

4- Cold desserts:  I've tried a couple new recipes (mostly for caesars)...and this spectacular piece of work.  A cheesecake with ice cream!  I added the leftover saskatoon pie filling on top so that my non pie loving sister would have some dessert for our little party.  This recipe was fantastic and I will be making this again!

5- Strawberry Shortcake:  add some cute berry pickers and this recipe is a hit.

bonus recipe- best we tried this week- this beef dip is DIVINE

Saskatoon pie filling- sorry, can't tell you my secrets.  You can bribe me with beer and clam though
Potato Salad
Homemade Hamburgers
Strawberry Shortcake
Beef dip

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