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June, in numbers

I'm sooo very happy to be working with two of my favourite blogger friends, Jenny and Shaunacey, who top my list of bloggers I stalk and really really really want to meet because I'm sure we'd be great friends.
Much Ado About Jenny || Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy
Make sure you check out their blogs and see what they put together for their month recap:

As for me, this is what my June looked like, if it was all in numbers (you can read what I did in here in February, March, April, and May) :

1 shopping ban ignored.  Oops.  I definitely over spent in May.  June wasn't bad but considering I didn't want to buy anything, I 'accidentally' bought:

  • 2 rompers/jumpsuits from the Gap Outlet - 1 shorts and 1 long pants (45$ total)
  • 2 pairs of acid wash jeans (130$) 1 from White Dhalia (local store) and 1 from Forever 21
  • 1 acid wash distressed vest (30$) Forever 21
  • 1 white vest (30$) Forever 21
  • 1 shirt dress (30$) mom made me.
  • 2 bracelet (20$ and 30$) White Dahlia and Maurice's
  • 1 pair of metallic sandals (30$) Maurice's

but.......1 black vest returned to Top Shop (100$), so yay?

So I spent more than I wanted to.  Luckily July is a new month and I'm not buying anything in July. Just please stop making pretty things, Simons.  Also, can I just say, in my defence...that I've been kicking my ass in workouts and have been feeling pretty damn good about myself, so part of that cycle is that clothes start feeling awesome on me and therefore I'm more brave and more confidant....I show that through what I wear. FYI. In case you hadn't realized that.  July will be the 6th month I've done numbers...I should do some sort of comparative chart of what I've bought. Ugh, that sounds really mathy.

Alright, back to my list.

I had physio 6 times for my rotator cuff, and managed to play in 3 ball games, but only threw overhand 2 times.  I did hit 1 triple, 1 single and then a bunch of pop outs and ground outs.  I have struck out 0 times.  My goal is to not strike out this season.

I had 4 caesars, most of them on the airplane.  I travelled 3100 km to meet 2 beautiful bloggers in San Antonio.

We had 4 birthday parties: My Dad turned 60, Lucia turned 5, My Grandpa turned 87 and Liam turned 3.

We filled our pool with 16,000 gallons of water, brought in on 3 semis.

We picked 4 ice cream pails of strawberries.  

I read 4 books: 

          Water's Edge | Philosopher's Stone | Chamber of Secrets | Where'd You Go, Bernadette

For the record, I'm rereading the HP series because why not.  So no need to review as HP is awesome and we can just all agree on that, or go home.  "At the Water's Edge" was perfect and made me want to go back to Scotland.  "Where'd You Go, Bernadette" was so smartly written and quite funny.  I would definitely recommend both, as they were so good I had finished them in 2 days.

I watched, followed on my phone or listened to 27 Jays' games, of which they won 18.

We saw 1 musical: Mary Poppins
I spent a glorious 5 hours with my besties.  We had lunch, we day drank and we shopped.  Doesn't get much better than that. Oh wait, it does in approx 2 months when we get together for our annual girls' trip.
I took 432 photos while doing a photoshoot for some former students, which I still need to edit and share.

This blog had 4584 pageviews in June.  That's up from 3374 last month.  Yay!
13 days of intentional workouts, still using Bikini Body Mommy online and my stepper or treadmill.  Since we got Willis a fitbit, he has also been pestering me to do a 'quick' 2km with him almost every night.  
14 intentional runs, maybe 4 of those were unintentional and because Willis made me.
368,181 steps taken in 252 km of running or walking...according to the bossy fitbit.
1 movie at the theatre (Inside Out)

I feel like there was 1111,1,11001,1 4,23 34 fabulous moments already and we're only a week into summer holidays.  I very much look forward to what the rest of summer has in store.  Come back on August 3rd when I do my July review, along with a contest to vote on the best Instagram pic in our challenge.  Which you can join in anytime!

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