An update on our Lucia

by - July 13, 2015

I feel like I've been slacking.  Normally when we celebrate Lucia or Willis' birthday, I have a video showing their past year.
I didn't do that for Lucia.
I'm not even close to being organized enough or having enough understanding of this Mac system to make anything up to par.
I also have barely taken any video.
And to add to the 'I'm quite frustrated with my documenting skills' factor, I can't find the pictures I've been taking once a month in the same spot to show Lucia's growth. Le sigh.

But I can tell you how she is doing as a kind-hearted, brave, bold and slightly mischievous 5 year old.
Lucia loves My Little Ponies, Pokémon and Wizard of Oz.  She follows her brother everywhere and can make him laugh but also knows how to make him quite mad.
Her favourite colour is red.
She has gone through some favourite foods in the past year.....chicken wings, ribs, sausages, eggs, crèpes and now salmon, rice and peas.
Lucia loves to laugh and has the cutest fluttery giggle.  She also is great at pouting and throwing a good fit.
Lucia cares deeply and is often thinking about how others feel.  She loves her cousins and her family.

Lucia is growth hormone deficient.  2 years ago at the end of a long year of testing, we found out that she was producing a tiny amount and would need the growth hormone supplement.
You can read about those times here:
On Finding Out What Normal Looks Like
One Month Update
Two Month Needle Update w/ video

I am so glad I documented that journey as it's a great thing to look back on and remember those emotions.  It makes me realize that you can get through tough times.  Having amazing family and friends holding us up made it bearable.  Lucia gets a needle every night and as of today, we have done 864 needles, give or take a few for the ones we skipped or missed.
She has gone from screaming her head off, to bargaining/procrastinating/ to now just hugging Daddy, who still mostly gives her the needle.
She is a champ.

As for her growth, it's been off the charts.  She has gone from being a zero percentile 2 year old, which if you remember my rants, was often mistaken for a 6 month old.  To now being in the 15thish percentile.  Kinsey and Lucia are 7 weeks apart and there used to be a huge difference in their size.  They are now maybe only separated by an inch, if that.
She is the best case scenario results for growth hormone supplements.   And for that, we are grateful.
But mostly, we are so much in love with our loving little Lucy who hates when Mom leaves and loves when Daddy comes home.  Who insists on calling Nana and Papa and Grandma and Grandpa to chat their ears off and who is always wanting to see more and more of her family and friends.
She is a 5 year old who loves life and loves the important people around her.
We are so proud of her.

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  1. she's seriously so sweet! I'm so glad the growth hormones seemed to work so well, I can't imagine how hard it would be going through that and having to give her a needle everyday. Sounds like she's quite the little trooper though with a very proud mom and dad :)

  2. I love how brave she is....and how brave you are. I'm so glad the growth hormone is working - it makes all the difficult parts worth it in the end.

  3. What a sweet, brave girl you've got...handling all those shots!! But so glad they are working for her. You are a trooper too Mom!! The last picture is a classic!!

  4. Just tears me up about a little one going through so much. Yes, she is brave. Bless her heart! You're a good mommy!

  5. awww, she is so brave, getting so many shots! Poor thing, but so glad that it's working!

  6. Oh my! I had no idea! My nephew had the shots in middle school and it worked really well for him! Glad she is doing well!

  7. It took two weeks for me to handle, now it's kinda normal. We haven't done a big airplane trip yet...that's my next hurdle

  8. It's crazy how quickly I can forget now that she's caught up in growth!

  9. Exactly! It's such a relief to see this working for her.


Have a lovely day!