3 weeks of summer summery. I mean summary.

by - July 17, 2015

As of today, we have completed 3 full weeks of summer vacation and I gotta say, despite the week with all the smoke and the lack of rain, it has been awesome!
I think it has to do with the age my monkeys are at.
They are becoming so independent that I feel like I'm even getting a bit of my "me" back.  How so, you ask?  Well,  I can lounge and enjoy an extended coffee/blog reading in the morning while they jump on the trampoline or I can read while they easily amuse themselves with board or card games.  And even better? They can now go in the pool sans moi and I can sit and lifeguard (drink coffee, read a book).  Actually, I realized that they were getting to an awesome age when it's easier to keep them at home with me instead of sending them to daycare, which means I can actually get work done when they're home. Crazytown.
So, being a thirdish into our summer, let's look back at my favourite things that we have done:

1- Pool.  So glad we did this! It has definitely been on my "things I really want" list and has been worth it so far.  We've been in it 2 times a day for most days, except for when the fires up north started...the middle picture was the first day the smoke came it, needless to say we didn't last long outside.  Since the smoke has cleared, we have had many pool playdates and have many, many more planned in the future.

2- Exercising:  I think I may have only missed 5 days of working out in the last three weeks.  What has been working for me is the freaking FitBit. I've also lost a pound a week for the last three, which is also coincidentally when I upped my daily goal to 12,000 steps.  I am now always searching for a time to get something in, whereas before I was the complete opposite.  Variety has also been really good for me because while I don't like missing my step goals, I don't do well when I get bored.  So this past week I ran 5km a day, next week I'll do something else.  I love having my little workout buddy, Willis along with me.  He's a great motivator.  It's also fun having all my girlfriends, well almost all, in on the Fitbit thing, so we're pushing each other also.  Here are a couple views from my walks/runs.

3- Time with the strong women in my life.  I have great friends, I will brag about that until the end of time because I know how fortunate I am to have had these ladies in my life, some of them since we were crazy teenagers, some even before that and then to have a sister who is also my best friend is such a blessing.  Life is good when I get time in with them!

4-  A little "me" time.  I purposely scheduled both kids to have camps this week so I could get some workouts in without dragging out the strollerthingy.  Willis picked an all day basketball camp, which he LOVED and is exhausted from and is getting 18,000 steps at each day.  Lucia did a half day gymnastics camp.  I loved that they got something for themselves to do and I got some free time!
Next up is an art camp in August for 2 mornings that they get to do together.

5- Getting S*&^ done and taking numbers.  On July 1st, every year, I write down my goals for the summer.  Most my list has to do with things to get done around the house, with the computer and which TV series I want to finish. Never before have I finished things at such a fast rate. I guess we were stuck in the house for a week when the air wasn't breathable...but still. I love accomplishing things and am getting ready to get tons more done when the kids go camping with Grandma and Grandpa and I get a staycation. Yay!

Have a great weekend!  

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  1. Love this post Dee! SO true...you have surrounded yourself with some amazing women and I'm happy and honoured to know all of you <3 Way to go on the working out. I think I may have to get a fit bit :-)...Ali Bell

  2. You are making the most of your summer, girl!!! Way to go on working out, too! Impressive!! XOXOXO

  3. So so glad the smoke has cleared for you! YAY for more "ME" time! that chalkboard bucket list is pretty cool!! And so glad the kids are enjoying camp!!

  4. I'm so proud of you with your working out!!! Go Deena go!! You can kick my a$$ in gear once I recover from the babe!

    I'm also jealous of your pool!!


  5. I hope you're enjoying your student-less summer too! Been thinking about you every time I have a beer!

  6. You will likely kick my ass once you have your babe. You seem the motivated type.

  7. let's just hope that the working out continues once the school year starts!

  8. it's hit and miss with me usually. I go hard and then stop dead. lol

  9. I need to steal George's Fitbit - he doesn't use it, and you've inspired me!

  10. I think I saw some beer and clam...you have a great life! Really!!


Have a lovely day!