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Nostalgia 3

but first, link up with us on Monday as we recap our month, you know I'll do mine in numbers!!!!

....I thought this was a good one because little did I know that three years later my husband would join forces with his brothers over at Skipthedishes.  They have grown in the three years from one basement dwelling employee to over 100 employees.   It has been a good change for Dan and I can't wait to see what these boys do with this company!
A Repost from September 7th, 2012 (here for original post)

Don't SKIP this post

I mentioned earlier this week that we have a new addition in our house, well in our basement to be more precise and when I say addition what I really mean is a built in babysitter or kids energy user, or something like that.  That's right, Uncle Joshy, affectionately coined by the kids, is ours for the time being!

What you need to know is that Uncle Josh was out globetrotting for a couple years; workin…

Nostalgia 2

A Repost from September 20th, 2009.

Play Ball (see original post here for original comments)

We had our wind-up/reunion to celebrate 10 years of being Team Ganza (before we were "Ganza" we were the Shellbrook ladies) and also to celebrate the retirements of our coaches who've been with the club since it's beginnings a mere 25 years ago.
We all must move on at some point but needless to say, I think we're all hoping that there'll be another year. When you play with such an amazing bunch of women and have the amount of success that we've had, it's tough letting go. In my preparation for the possibility of this being the "end" of the Ganza, I've spent the past couple months working on a video that would summarize what it was like to play ball and to be a member of the Ganza dynasty. This is part 1 of 4. I haven't decided if I'll share all 4 yet, but in the meantime you take a peak at this one.
P.S. I know…

Wedding Season

If you could re-plan your wedding, what would you change?
I often ask myself that question when I see all these beautiful pictures of so many creative and innovative ways people are getting married these days: driftwood arbors on the beach, vintage dressers, candy bars, there are so many really novel ideas out there.  Luckily, my brother and his fiancée just set their wedding date for next September, so I get to dream vicariously through Jen.

If it were entirely up to me, I think I would get re-married on a beach and I may be saying that because my brother in law's family just did that for their parents' 40th wedding anniversary in Hawaii.  I thought it was the most romantical thing ever.
Summer is a wonderful time for weddings, isn't it?  There are so many options for location and venues when you can get married in the great outdoors and the sunsets are so magnificent in the prairie skies that you'd be silly not to use that as part of the decor.
But what would I k…

Nostalgia 1

Today begins a week long series (otherwise known as a blog-cation for me) that will lead up to a new linkup that I'm going to feature on my blog every last Monday of the month.

So for this week I'm going to feature some great snapshots from my plethora of previous posts with a chance to show a part of my life that seems so long ago.  I have been blogging for 6 years and have some great memories hidden in the deep confines of this blog. Actually, kidding, they are in the labels on the right sidebar.  So feel free to join up with me on August 31st and throwback an old post that you're proud of or share some great memories!!!

________________________________________ A repost from 3 years ago today:  July 27, 2013
Friday Cute Kidisms
While going for a drive one night, Dan had turned back in the car and was checking out Willis' legs, informing Willis that he was going to be hairy like his Uncle Rob, to which Lucia replies: me too!

Dan was reviewing french numbers wit…

My favourite Summer Eats and Treats

But first, before I forget...August 3rd will be the next "Month in review" linkup .... summarize what you accomplished in your month or get crazy and use only numbers.
Now on to the regular scheduled programming.....

Oh, summer cooking!  For this series' link up, I decided to feature 5 recipes that make special appearances in the summer. Okay, Saskatoon pie makes an appearance all year round, but whatevs, it's that good.

1- Pie, of the Saskatoon variety: picked fresh from our backyard or from Dan's parents'.  Saskatoons are like a blueberry but not.  Read about them here

Remembering Grams

It has been 6 months since she left us and man, do I ever miss her.  I find myself thinking about her a lot throughout the day, mostly when I'm going about in the kitchen, baking things, also a lot when I'm out shopping.
Grams was so present in our life, right down to the last weekend of her life.  Her children and grandchildren were her pride and joy and she was so persistent on letting us know how much she loved us, even when she was on her last hours.  She was a formidable lady and I am so grateful to have had her in my everyday life. Tomorrow would have been her 88th birthday, so the girl cousins decided that we should get together to do something to honour her.  Grams was a social butterfly and she would have been ALL over this.
 What we ate ( I would like to point out that both Kyla and Lea are Dieticians....we eat healthy!  But Lea brought THE BEST Boston Creme donuts from some shop in Martensville)

A home tour revisited

I've talked a lot about our home.  I love our home.
New Home
The closet  (which has its own label...oy)
Home decor

So today's home tour won't be anything new, but rather a catch up of what I've been working on lately.  Although, this would be poorly timed, as I don't tend to do anything house related in the summer.   It's all about the yard.  Which is a part of our home, right?

In early June we had an 18x33 above ground pool installed.  It is made in Canada and made to weather our (awesome) Canadian winters and remain up all year.  And no, we won't skate on it.
So, we didn't take the install lightly and hired it out. There was tons of work done to level the ground, fill it with base, level it some more and then build it.  I (and by I, I mean Dan) would never have pulled it off.  After it was installed we had to truck in 16,000 gallons of water on three semis.  The kids loved watching this part.  The last thing that needed to be done was the natural gas in…

3 weeks of summer summery. I mean summary.

As of today, we have completed 3 full weeks of summer vacation and I gotta say, despite the week with all the smoke and the lack of rain, it has been awesome!
I think it has to do with the age my monkeys are at.
They are becoming so independent that I feel like I'm even getting a bit of my "me" back.  How so, you ask?  Well,  I can lounge and enjoy an extended coffee/blog reading in the morning while they jump on the trampoline or I can read while they easily amuse themselves with board or card games.  And even better? They can now go in the pool sans moi and I can sit and lifeguard (drink coffee, read a book).  Actually, I realized that they were getting to an awesome age when it's easier to keep them at home with me instead of sending them to daycare, which means I can actually get work done when they're home. Crazytown.
So, being a thirdish into our summer, let's look back at my favourite things that we have done:

1- Pool.  So glad we did this! It has de…

My style: What I learned from friends.

And by friends, I mean FRIENDS.

But really, so much sage fashion advice on that show, from Joey's turkey pants, to Joey wearing ALL of Chandler's clothes to Rachel's "I had a bad day" boots.

So, earlier this year I was watching Friends from the beginning while on my treadmill.
Thank you, Netflix!
I noticed something.  Everything that Rachel, Monica and Phoebe was wearing is very familiar to what we're wearing now.  Which makes me want to scream YAY THE NINETIES ARE BACK!

Some of my favourite fashion were things I sported in high school: baby doll dresses with a tshirt underneath and Doc Marten boots, baggy jeans with a tshirt and a plaid shirt overtop, OVERALLS!!!!!

I picked some of my favourite Friends outfits and decided to show you how I'm wearing the 90s this summer/fall.

Here are my takes :

Now if I were in a shopping mood (which, really, give me a Stella and sit me down at the computer to write a blog post about fashion and suddenly I am)...thi…

An update on our Lucia

I feel like I've been slacking.  Normally when we celebrate Lucia or Willis' birthday, I have a video showing their past year.
I didn't do that for Lucia.
I'm not even close to being organized enough or having enough understanding of this Mac system to make anything up to par.
I also have barely taken any video.
And to add to the 'I'm quite frustrated with my documenting skills' factor, I can't find the pictures I've been taking once a month in the same spot to show Lucia's growth. Le sigh.

But I can tell you how she is doing as a kind-hearted, brave, bold and slightly mischievous 5 year old.
Lucia loves My Little Ponies, Pokémon and Wizard of Oz.  She follows her brother everywhere and can make him laugh but also knows how to make him quite mad.
Her favourite colour is red.
She has gone through some favourite foods in the past year.....chicken wings, ribs, sausages, eggs, crèpes and now salmon, rice and peas.
Lucia loves to laugh and has the c…

My summer go-to style

Time for some honesty.  I'm fashioned out.  I'm tired of getting dressed (nicely) (not like I'm wandering around naked).  So sadly, today's post isn't going to represent the stylish fashion diva that I (think) I can be.  Nope, today is about honesty and what I really wear deep into the summer months when all I have to worry about is how I'm going to keep the kids from driving me crazy.

My fashion for the next month and a half of holidays, before school picks up and fall is in the air, consists of the following things:

My Birks (best purchase ever) *like ever.  I even only packed one pair of shoes while in San Antonio last month and wore them with everything.

My Lulus:  this category needs to be updated as my *newest piece is 3 years old.

Flowy tops: tank tops, t-shirts...anything that is roomy.  I'm not a fan of anything clinging to me during this heat that goes for needy children too.  Kidding, I like their cuddles.

Workout clothes:  because I have the ti…