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When I grow up.

*****I feel like today we should celebrate my parents.
Why, you ask?
Well, today is Mom's first official day of retirement and tomorrow is Dad's 60th birthday.
And because I think that that's enough reason to celebrate ******

So, I teamed up with my brother and sister and we're going to share our version of what we learned from our parents, based on beautiful poem by George Ella Lyon (here).  I think it's fair to say that when we grow up, we all want to be as good as parents as they are to us.

I'm from family meal times and fierce loyalty, from Donald and Marlene and the Diehls & the Parks.
I'm from always lending a helping hand and always giving.
From telling the truth and trying our best.

I am from hockey sticks, imaginary friends and endless questions.
I am from the smell of pancakes after church.
I am from yard work well done, loving family and brilliant educations.

I’m from church on Sundays and the community built around the rink.
I'm from the gold of the canola fields and second languages, waiting up for Santa's arrival on Christmas Eve and stuffing our entire Christmas meal into Grams' homemade buns.
From the small Saskatchewan towns that brought our parents together which forged the respect of family and where we come from, from the sacrifice of giving everything so your kids can have the best life possible, even if it means driving 4 hours to pick them up from university and bring them home because they're a little homesick.

Where all the photo albums, packed with memories and souvenirs remain stoically placed on the bookshelves, a constant reminder of a life well lived.
I am from all those moments but also from the multitude of great role models that came before us, from our parents to our aunts, uncles and grand parents before.

We are who we are because of the prolific love shown by our parents.
Happy 60th, Dad and Happy Retirement, Mom!
When I grow up, I still want to be just like you.

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