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What we wore: summer edition

Once upon a time I started a blog so that my mom could know what really was going on in my mind. Or at least so she didn't have to call me daily.
Then my Dad and Grandma, brother and sister starting reading it and so on and so forth.  

5 years later the little blog that could has turned into something else.  It has become my creative outlet, a place where I can weave the tales that I want to capture forever.  It has also initiated some great friendships thanks to style challenges that we've all joined over the course of the year.

Now it's a full blown friendship and I'm very happy to show you what cool things can be done when a group of very diverse ladies, from all across the continent decide that they want to work together.
Today (and for the next 3 Wednesdays) we're going to showcase our outfits based on the summer style challenge as well as invite you to enter our giveaway.  It's FREE MONEY, YO!  Get on the entering, now.  

But first on to my outfits this week, but really, it's ok if you just breeze through them and go enter our giveaway instead, that's cool too. 

Day 1: denim vest (Simons) + flowy tank (Gap) + patterned shorts (Banana Republic) + wedges (Nordstrom)
Everything from this outfit is shopped from my closet, except the tank which I just bought (and in two colours) (because that's what I do when I love something) You can find it here

Day 2: graphic t (TJdesigns-see below for info) + coloured shorts  (subbed in capris from R&W) + bright tote (oops, I forgot)+ metallic sandals (subbed in jelly sandals- Winners)

This outfit is shopped from my closet, except for the graphic T.  I love graphic tees.  They can show so much of your personality; it's like carrying around a poster that screams what's on your mind.  This past month I may have bought (you can stop reading here, Dan)...............
shhhh...7 graphic tees.
I feel I need to share the love of my recent favourite places to get unique tees.

1) RedBubble.  My brother had got Kyla and I Harry Potter tees from there.  This place does not disappoint.  I got some very funny grammar ones from there.  I'm a teacher, grammar's my thing.  I've ordered plain tshirts (men's cuts..because I don't like clingy) and a tank top so far.

2) T&J Designs.    I found this site from one of the fashion blogs I follow, Hello Gorgeous.  The top I'm wearing in the above pic was from them.  (Day 2).  I am super happy with the service and speed that the shirts arrived.  I can't wait to sport the other 3 I got! (These are all a tighter fit and quite far out of my comfort zone)  *I'm learning to deal with it.

3) Lastly,  if you want something unique and local, then definitely check out HardPressed.  We got my brother a shirt for his bday and I think he wears it everyday.  Carmen got Lucia one for her birthday....isn't she cute!

4) I should mention kids too.  I love getting funny tops for my kids.  My favourite site is zulily.  You have to check back here and there, but I've found some really great and reasonably priced tops.  Like these ones:

Let's wrap up today's post with a pic of my 2 other besties who are doing the challenge.  

We had Liam's bday party last night and just happened to all be wearing our OOTD.  Actually, I lied.  I made Carmen change back into her shirt and I had to bring Candace a t-shirt because she doesn't have a graphic TEEE??!! The Retail Therapist is now is session.  We're going shopping this weekend, Can. Actually, enter this could buy some cute graphic tees from Old Navy/Banana Republic or the Gap!

And while you're at it, why don't you share some blog love and visit the blogs of my friends and see how they interpreted the outfits too!

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