What we wore #2


We're in full swing of the summer challenge and I think I've actually worn most of the prescribed outfits and only went rogue a couple times.
For the sake of being awesome, I'm going to change up the format of my posts.

First, let's look at what I wore:

Here's the deets on what I was thinking:

OOTD3: denim vest+white dress + head wrap 
I had this white dress in the donate pile as I don't like how big the elastic portion is around the top..but it works perfectly with a denim vest!  I don't like those shoes with it and didn't end up wearing them out.

OOTD4: kimono+ flowy top + boyfriend shorts + metallic sandals
This outfit felt very naturally me.

OOTD5: lace top + bright shorts + colourful necklace + wedges
I was too lazy to shave my legs, so I went with some crazy hammer pants.  My BFF, Christy was in town for lunch and shopping so we were kinda matchy, but not really.

OOTD6: chambray top + white shorts + head wrap + sneakers
I put on the formula just for the sake of pictures then changed out....went for drinks with Candace and Ali...Candace is also doing the challenge. We had matching bottoms.  

OOTD7: denim vest + maxi + wedges
Was bored with maxi dresses so I took the opportunity to try the ballerina poof skirt and a crop top.  Then I chickened out and wore a jumper out instead.

OOTD8: flowy top + printed shorts or palazzo pants + metallic sandals
Perfectly comfortable and wonderful outfit.  I felt kinda monochromatic so I wore bright earrings and fuschia lips.

OOTD9: graphic Tee + boyfriend shorts + sneakers
I felt relaxed and comfy in this.  Kinda boring, but perfect for running around all day.

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Now, let me talk about one of the outfits....I was going to pick the picture that had the most likes on the Facebook Group, but I thought there were too many variables for that.
Can you guess which outfit from the above got the most likes?

So instead, I decided to pick my favourite outfit of the week and talk about it.....the poof or tulle skirt trend.
I have been eyeing up poof skirts since Jillian Harris started showcasing them in the winter?  I can't remember.
So I ordered a mint tulle skirt, knee length, in March..which they lost and I ended up getting a couple weeks ago.  Then my sister ordered a crop top/ballerina skirt from Simons that she didn't like and I just happened to be there when she was going through her treasures and decided to try it on.  Well, I texted my friends and hubby and got some positive feedback, so I decided to keep that too.  So much for my June shopping ban.
Le oops.

I have yet to put together an outfit for the mint poof skirt and I was going to last night, but then the kids had a day of meltdowns and I gave up and had wine instead. Because that's how I roll.
I did, however, make Christy try one on during our afternoon out....I think she could pull it off!  Well at least she gets points for enthusiasm.
Anita Skirt from Tonic seen here
But hey, if you're looking for a fun skirt, these are the two I have:
Eleventh Avenue

Go for an adventure around the blog world and see what all the wonderful bloggers were wearing this week!

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  1. I actually like the last outfit best. It may be because I think that is a HP tee shirt. I also LOVE #7. Very brave and well worth it. It looks great. I really like that white dress that you don't like the think band on. . . Maybe I need a closer look and then I wouldn't like it either ;-) LOL

  2. LOVE the skirts!! so fun
    you look awesome
    I'm like the rogue-queen this challenge... I blame the belly!!

  3. I like the mint skirt. So cute. The wild pink one.... Not so much. Haha. So fun to spend the day shopping with you.

  4. The first dress is my favorite, although I really like the tulle skirt and the crop top too. You're rockin' it this challenge. And I'm jealous of your shopping day with Christy.

  5. Love seeing the different looks for the summer challenge. I wish I could join in, but it is way to hard to keep up with anything other than work these days :( Maybe the Fall round I will join back in :)

  6. You wear everything so well. I have scrolled up three times trying to decide which look I like best. I give up, they are all great. I wish I could wear a tulle skirt because they just look ultra feminine and flirty and fun...just not on a 57 year old. The dress and vest look is breezy and pretty. Might take top honors in my book.

  7. Sometimes we all have to give up and have wine! That would be a good graphic tee! LOL! I don;t know which one got the most likes but you are adorable in all of them. My fave is the kimono outfit...you look super relaxed, happy and "you." Not to mention cool and trendy :) Love the new format--very fun! XOXO

  8. Great post!! Hilarious! And love how you put it together!! I miss so much on the FB group!! Did the palazzos get the most likes or the Harry tee!! Too many greats to choose!!

  9. wish I could rock the pouf skirt! :)

  10. I love everything about this post! I want to copy it or just have your creativity or just have you write my posts! That.is.all!!!

  11. Wine is my answer for everything. Cheers.

  12. I think you should have a poof skirt.

  13. But you pull of rogue and look awesome every time! So yay!

  14. Bah. Too bad you're so tiny...you'd have open range on my closet. Did you end up ordering from RedBubble???

  15. Yay, you and fall go so well together! Do it!

  16. We need a shopping day at those massive outlets by your house. I'm inviting myself over.

  17. Ha! I think I'm more creative when I do posts last minute.

  18. I love how you did this post with the collage at the beginning, and just a couple of weeks ago you said you were going to do more collages, perfect! I've been wanting a tulle skirt too, yours is perfect and that picture of you in it, you look great! Totally pull it off. But my favorite outfit is Day 8, I just love everything about it.

  19. Oh man, tulle skirts scare me. I don't now why, but every time I've tried one on, I pretty much laugh out loud and get out of it as soon as I can.

  20. Aw, you so kind! I'm going to remember that compliment when the clothing is in a heap on the floor and I'm in tears because nothing looks good.

  21. You would look awesome in the poof! Triple dog daring you. I think it was the first outfit that got the most.


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