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Thursday, 10:54 PM:  Miss Organized is just getting to today's post.....

Oh, have I had a week. That kind of week where you really need this shirt:

Everything was chaotic, these are my least favourite things that happened:
1- The kids forgot how to cooperate, share, listen, brush their teeth like humans, eat a proper meal, use their manners.....I lost my temper eleventy billion times and of course Dan was out of town all week.
2- My brother and Dad sent me these videos while THEY were in MY happy place.  A*^&oles.  Okay, it's probably their happy place too.  I sooooo wish I could teleport myself to the beach and just chill with my Aunt and Uncle in their home


2-  I scheduled my day around Willis getting off early  on his last day of school.  Which I'm sure I read somewhere.  Except he didn't.  So I sat there waiting for 45 minutes (because I'm early for early) (yes, I get the irony) and then had to run in only to find out that he still had another 1.5 hours of school.  I then had to rush to my photo shoot and make Dan leave his work day to get Willis.
3-  My camera decided that 10 minutes into said photoshoot would be a good time to blow up.  Okay, I'm dramatic.  It didn't actually blow up, but it might as well have.  Needless to say I had to get crafty with my cell until my sister in law rescued me with her point and shoot and then worked on charging the batteries (which were fully charged ....I'm that not disorganized).  In the end it started working again.  Dan, a functioning camera is now officially on my Christmas list.  Write that down.
4- I hate forgetting things.   A beautiful student I had in grade 9, who was graduating came running up to me with a big hug.  I was soooo happy to see her again.  She then asked if I still hadthe letters they wrote themselves in grade 9 for when they were in grade 12.  Face palm.  I can't believe I forgot to send them out.  Actually, I completely forgot they were graduating this year and will now spend the weekend scouring my teaching boxes to find them.  I. Hate. FORGETTTING.

That was enough to make me want to quit.
Deep breathing.
Eyes closed.
Trying to ground myself and remember that:
God is good.  
Everything is awesome.  
It's no big deal.  

So let's maybe look at the beauty that happened this week:

1- school is out!  No more corrections, no more running Willis in...plenty of fun times ahead
2- I got to take photos for some beautiful graduates who also happened to be my former students. They are gorgeous girls, but even more importantly, they are kind, thoughtful, respectful and well rounded.  They are going to do amazing things in this crazy life.

3- The help that comes when you need it the most.  Thanks to my sister in law for running around campus with various cameras, to Kyla for letting me borrow her house to get ready white she was away (I stole a beer) and also to my hubby for having a bubble bath, popcorn and Big Red waiting for me when I got home.

Now, where does that leave me?  Oh yes, on to today's post, my favourite time of year: summer reading list day! 
About  a month ago I started to panic because I didn't have any books I wanted to read.  Huh. That didn't last long.  So I've been slowly collectioning various novels and storing them on my night table.  
Here are some of the books I will be reading in the next two months....and I did want to have them linked so you could look up the synopsisses/synopsi/synopsissies? but it's now 11:32 (I may have been spending more time with Big Red than actually writing this post) and I'm too lazy to do that.   You know how Google works.  You can do it.

Other books that are on my Summer Read list and that aren't making an appearance on my shelf are:
The Girl on the Train by that chick who wrote it
Neil Patrick Harris:  Choose your own autobiography
Make Good Art: Neil Gaiman
UnDivided : Neal Shusterman
The Summer Before (The BabySitters Club 0.5):  Ann M. Martin

That's 13 books, plus whatever books I find appealing in the link up below.  Yikes.  I better start reading....good thing tomorrow (today) is Day 1 of Summer Holidays!

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Have a flabulous weekend.