A Kinda Christmas Fashion Tale

Our backyard

5 acres of fresh air is what we signed up for 2 years ago when we moved into our new home, just 10 minutes outside of the city.
Our yard is a blank canvas that we have slowly begun shaping into the vision we have for the future...which also keeps changing, go figure.

So I went out this weekend during sunset to take some pictures of what we have so far, and to maybe show a little of what we're working towards.  This year my main focus is to get the front of the house done and the immediate back.  The rest, I'll just keep dreaming.  I should also learn how to work the tractor so that I don't have to rely on Dan to get everything done.

Grass planted and rock wall built by Dan (he scoured the property and rolled rocks to the front)  I need to fill it with topsoil yet and plant some ever green shrubs.

You can see two plots of dirt here, the furthest being the garden, the closest being trees.  Can't wait for fresh veggies!

This strip will be the apple orchard.....once they get established.

In this back corner we have planted trees and Saskatoon Berry bushes.

The tilled areas closest are going to be my memorial gardens.  We're just working on getting the dirt up to par and then I'll be planting a tree in memory of all the great people we have lost over the years. I kinda want to cage this area in with caragana bushes.  We'll see.

The backyard, dog kennel (on right) and homemade toboggan hill.  We're working on seeding grass and then the pool (in those boxes) starts being installed this week.

There is so much work to do, but really, I kinda like it.  It was overwhelming to look at, at first, but now that we kinda have a plan, it does start to make sense.  I'm hoping that next year we can get a deck done around the outside half of the pool that will overlook the fire pit area...but there I go again, getting ahead of myself. 
Oy, so much to do!

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