Oh, those kids

by - June 29, 2015

A month ago our kids had the chance to have some major bonding with my parents while we were away in San Antonio.   I hate leaving my kids (okay, that's a lie- I love getting away on breaks).  Let me rephrase that.
I miss my kids when I leave them,  and its reassuring knowing they are having quality time.  Some cute things went down while we were away....
Let's file this one under 'things I'll want to remember years from now but would likely forget if I didn't blog about it'

To: me Daniel 
Reply-To: Mom 

message fr lucia & willis

dear mom and dad,

Willis:  I got your notes.  The gopher filled in the hole.  Thanks for letting me having a fitbit if I run the house this weekend.  I hit a triple in baseball.  I learned a new game at school.  I forgot the name.  Fuzzy ran out the door this morning.  I had a good day.  This morning I had to set up the garmin for gramma.  We played team bump at school today. I had a nutella wrap too.*  Then I tooted.

Lucia:  I love you mom and dad!  I had a good day too.  I wish you didn't have a bleeding leg.  I had supper at kyla's house.  I am ready for bed and I had a nutella wrap for a bedtime snack.

* But first they each had an apple, some crackers, some cheese and they found out that they like trail mix!

Daniel Simair 
To: Mom me 
Re: message fr lucia & willis

Lucia -> Hi Lucia.  We love you too!  It was a long plane ride to get here.  We miss you already and thank you for thinking of Mom's leg.  Kyla makes good supper...we had tacos tonight!  There is a really little river here, but nothing as fun as staying with Grandma and Grandpa.  Have fun tomorrow!

Willis -> Nice job on the triple!  Maybe you can show me how to play the new game if you don't remember the name?  Good job setting up the garmin, and good luck catching that tricky gopher!  If it doesn't rain on Friday night, can you show Grandma where the apricot trees are and water the kid garden with the hose and sprinkler?  I'm practicing Crib and Scrabble so I can play you when we get home.  

To: me Daniel 
Reply-To: Mom 
news report for friday

From Willis:  We went to the zoo today and we rode on the train. We watered the garden and the lawn and then it rained for a short time. I helped Grampa mow the lawn today I cut more than half of it.
The blue jays won today.Then we watched Air Bud Basketball movie.Grampa and I played a game of toss the golf ball from the deck to the wheel barrow ,chair or trampoline for points we will finish the game tomorrow.
I hope you and dad are having fun.

From Lucia.  Lucia helped make cookies. She also tossed the golf ball. And she slept till 8:30. She was laughing at the start of the movie but cried at the end. She is going to bed right now.
Have a great time.
Thats all for today.

Daniel Simair 
To: Mom me 

Re: news report for friday

Willis. Thanks for watering and cutting the grass.  I was pretty impressed to see you running the mower all by yourself!  

Lucia.  Yay for cookies!  Can I have one?  Did you throw a golf ball really far?  I hope Grandma gives you good back scratches before bed.


To: Daniel me 
Reply-To: Mom 
saturday report

dear mom and dad:

   in the morning we went for a walk around the whole block.  with gramma and lucia and coco and britney.  i was so fast that they couldn't keep up to me, even coco.  gramma said when i get to the house would I get 2 cookies and 2 water bottles ready for us.  
i was running so fast and sweating that i pooped.  it was in the toilet not on the road.  then we sat on the deck and played scrabble.  gramma skunked me.  then it was lunchtime and we had bacon and eggers.  then me and grampa played catch.  it rained a little bit. then it stopped.  and we played more catch.. it rained a tiny bit more. and we played some more catch.

 then we went inside and watched a movie. i played ds rather than watching my little pony.  then it was supper time and there was three sets of food.  first we had salad.  then we had pizza.  i ate 3 pieces of bbq pizza.  then we had chocolate sundae with peanut butter cookies crumbled and strawberries on top.  i cleaned up my whole plate everytime this week.  then i helped grampa water the apricot trees.  just a little bit.  then we played some cards. i said what game is this. grampa said i don't know.  but then grampa kinda remembered that the title was king's corner.  he doesn't know how much cards to deal.  now me and gramma are going to play gin rummy because lucia went to sleep at 7:30.  see you later! tomorrow.  lucia woke up at 6:30 because of the CAT.  I LOVE YOU TO  the sun and back.


Deena Simair 
To: Mom Cc: Daniel me 
Re: saturday report

Hey Willis- your emails are my favourite part of the day. Sooo excited to come home tomorrow. I won't get there until bedtime and you will likely be sleeping, so I'll come cuddle you. Please don't toot.

Cheers,  Mom

Also, congrats to Ashley Bree Perez on winning our 200$ GAP Brands Giveaway!
Link up with me and some special guests on Friday as we do our month in review...you know mine will be in numbers!

Have a great week!

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