A Kinda Christmas Fashion Tale

May in numbers

Shoes to Shiraz

I'm pleased to be working this month with my blogger friends, Carrie and Lana.  Make sure you check out their blogs and see what they put together for their month recap:
 A Lovely Little Wardrobe | Two Teens and Their Mama

As for me, it's another edition of my month in numbers.  You can see what I did in February,  March and April

3 caesars drank.  It is my drink of the summer, or at least tonight.  Oops.

2 batches of pumpkin used- I have a serious overload of frozen pumpkin from the fall and need to get through it before fall comes around again.  This month we made pumpkin bread, pumpkin oatmeal muffins and chocolate pumpkin cookies.
2 Starbucks- both in the presence of good people.  One with Kyla on our pedicure date and the other on a playdate with Sara and Candace.
3 grammar graphic tees bought from RedBubble.  I have yet to receive them.
3 fashion graphic tees from T&J designs.  Also have yet to be received.
1 tuxedo vest...I'm really loving the black waistcoat styled vest circa the 90s...I'll have to do a blogpost on that once I get them
1 tulle skirt still not received from an order in March, which was finally shipped.
2 pairs of soft pants, one from Costco, the other H&M...stay tuned for a future fashion post.
4 new tops from Nordstrom and H&M
3 pairs of shoes from my favourite shoe store, DSW.  It's hard not to leave that store without multiple boxes.

So clearly I overshopped this month.  My goal will be to spend close to nothing on clothing in June.
3 failed attempts at Old Navy that had to be returned.  The romper is just not for me.
0 attempts at running.  I'm having old lady body issues, first my knee and now my ankle is having issues after this brick fell on it.  No fun.  I will never take being active for granted anymore.

3.5 books read : Husband's Secrets, (LOVED!)  Very Good Lives (LOVED!) & Dream Lover (was disappointed)  The other .5 is the book that I'm currently reading, By The Water's Edge.

2 ball games played by me, with 6 at bats and 0 strikeouts, but also 0 balls thrown.  I'm dealing with rotator cuff issues and am currently in physio, or aka, Buffalo on a rehab assignment. Ya for old lady body.
1234 kms travelled to Calgary and back.  Come back on Monday to see what we were up to.

16 days working out using the Bikini Body Mommy online.  Me liking so far.
3374 pageviews
50%- amount my job load has increased for next year
15,865 the most steps taken in a day according to my FitBit
47,76 km walked in the 2 weeks I had the Fitbit
3,944  steps during my least active day.
1 succulent made with my lovely sister.

What did you do this month that you're proud of?  Let's celebrate...link up your post!