A Kinda Christmas Fashion Tale

Lucia in 5. Because she's five.

Yesterday, all day (at least it felt like it) was a day to celebrate our Lucia.  My baby girl is a 5 year old....which means many things, including both kids being in school in the fall.  Crazy.  So to wrap up this week, let's go over my 5 favourite things from Lucia's birthday celebrations.

Lucia slept in on her birthday, so Dan, Willis and I all got to go downstairs and wake Miss Sleeping Beauty from her slumber.  I loved being able to see the look on her face when she remembered it was her special day.

Spending the day with Lucia and turning it in to her "journée de OUI!"  Which is her "yes" day.  She wants, she gets.  Obviously to a certain extent.  So she had marshmallows after breakfast and insisted on carrying them around in her little red purse her Daddy got her in San Antonio.  She then also used the marshmallows in the slingshot he also got her.  She watched a movie in the middle of the day (which actually helped me out so I could get all the supper ready)

Coming up with a concept for the party.  For the past year, Gucci (Lucy) has been requesting a Mary Poppins party and I was ready to make people float to the ceiling when they laughed.  Then she changed it last minute to wanting My Little Ponies. So, in the end we settled on "Lucia's Favourite Things".  That way we could do a little bit of everything:  the menu was set by her, which surprised me because for the longest time her favourite meal was ribs and chicken wings.  So it threw me off when she requested crepes, sucre a la creme, sausages, eggs and bacon.  You'd think she was a 400 lb man or something with her favourites.  Because making the crepes took forever, I opted out of cake making and bought one instead...which we didn't end up eating because we had a campfire and smoreos for dessert.  The treat bags for the kids also contained a variety of Lucy's favourite things: Kraft Dinner, jelly beans, cheezies and mangoes.  Random.

She wanted to dress up like Twilight Sparkles

Lucia's favourite foods

Decor done by Willis

Lucia's favourite colour red for the goody bags

Being outside!  Okay, I was secretly hoping it would rain because it hasn't rained here since it snowed in May.  But nope, not even me daring Mother Nature to wreck my outdoor party worked.  So we played outside with water guns and water balloons and some major trampoline jumping.  It was even nice enough for us to dine under a blue sky!

The people.  Hands down, I have the best friends and family in the world.  Okay, I'm biased, but whatever.  I always feel so incredibly blessed when these people continue to show up and show their support, regardless what's going on in their lives.  Exceptions made when your car blows up.  You're allowed to skip out if that happens.  I just love the people in my life and I think they are phenomenal role models for my children.

I guess I didn't take enough pictures of the people who came by during the day.  We had a packed backyard of 30 some...it was a lovely time!
Have a great weekend!

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