For the Fashionable FANatics

by - June 25, 2015

In my dream world, I would have a home in Toronto for 6 months of the year so that I could have season tickets for the Blue Jays.
Since that's not going to happen, I then resort to my second happy place; supporting the team by dressing in their colours.

When Fanatics contacted me last week to see if I would put together a few outfits incorporating some items from their extensive list, I was more than willing.  Heck, my searching left me with some items in my Fanatics basket, as I'm convinced that I need  Donaldson and Martin T-shirts. Also, Willis' baseball room could definitely benefit from this site!

I think that I'm naturally a t-shirt and hat type of girl.  I grew up on the ball diamonds and the T.V is always on with the Jays' game.  So this was easy and quite fun for me.  Had they asked me in the winter, I would have happily picked out an outfit showing my newfound Raptor love.

Make sure you hit up Fanatics, friends...they have an awesome selection for all your sporting needs.  

I love the rugged look of this hat paired with a glamorous black dress and shoes.  

Who says you have to wear a big floppy hat with your boho dress?  I love the colour of this hat!

This would be my ballpark, beer drinking, hotdog eating uniform...I may even wear this around the house on gameday.

Thanks for this opportunity, Fanatics!

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  1. LOVE these outfits and especially that our fav team is front and center!

  2. Fun! Love all of the outfits you picked out! Especailly the flow dress and baseball cap, too cute.

  3. Number three is what I would wear too, but in my head I'm wearing number one!

  4. So Cool!!!!


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