A Kinda Christmas Fashion Tale

A random roadtrip to Calgary

Fact.   I really don't enjoy the drive from Saskatoon to Calgary.  The 600ish kms stretch out into a 
very long 6.5ish hours with few interesting stops.
I can say, however, that now that I've done the drive a few more times and have become more familiar with the highway, it does go by quicker.
Or my kids are just better at roadtrips.
Who knows.
also don't know what happened with the formatting there, but I'm too lazy to fix it.

A couple weeks ago, we hopped in the car on a Sunday and made the dreaded drive out west.  In the end though, it was less dreaded and more an adventure.  It was a really good time.

It was a really good trip for a lot of reasons: 1- I got to spend some time with my bestie and her lovely fam.  2- We had some quality time with Uncle Hairy Rob, who apparently lives in a hotel, according to Lucia. 3- Shopping time.  4- Breaking bread with my lovely cousins.

Here is a summary in pictures:
How we traveled
1) Time with the bestie
Supper at Christy's


Love some time with my True Blue
 2) Time with the brother

the very important Tennants

We had a really good time at the zoo this year. We always skip the dinosaur section, but heard that it had been improved and man, it was awesome!
But also, I loved going out for supper with the cousins.  Katie picked Cibo for us and we had our own private room.  It was divine.

Lucia was quite tuckered out by the end of the whole supper ( read- very very grouchy)  she was asleep as soon as we got out of the parking lot.

On the way home we stopped at CrossIron Mills because mall.

It was a beautiful trip and I can't wait for the next time we make our way to Calgary!

And if you made it all the way through the post that was taken over by way too many pictures, then you can read about our 2010 Calgary adventure here and the 2013 one here, which lack pictures but make up in pazazz.