A Kinda Christmas Fashion Tale

A Blogger Summer Gift Exchange

At Christmas our group of blogfriends did a gift exchange (here) and we enjoyed it so much that we decided to do it again.   So a couple weeks ago, we all wrote something about where we're from (here) and then this week we're revealing the gifts we received.   I sent my gift to Sarah, you'll have to visit her to see what that little Californian sunshine got.
As for me, I got a fantastic package in the mail from Katie in Long Island.  I giggled all the way home with the messages that she wrote all over the box.

As for its contents, Katie was able to teach me about her world in a beautifully written note.  (Long Island is actually an island!!!)
The gal is a teacher, through and through.
I have been to NYC 6 times and haven't explored the area outside of Manhattan, unless you could the outlets in Jersey.
Wait, that's a lie, I've been to Cooperstown.
Anyway, what I really liked about this exchange was learning about these corners of the world that I would perhaps have not learned about otherwise.  And you can bet that next time I get to NYC, I will be hopping a ferry or a tugboar over to Long Island to visit my new friend!
Thanks for the fantastic beer class and Long Island shaped cutting board, Katie.....I have already put them to good use!

how about them avocados, Carrie??

Oh beer and clam, how I love you.  The drink of champions.

Now go see where all the love was spread in blogland!
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