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Oh, those kids

A month ago our kids had the chance to have some major bonding with my parents while we were away in San Antonio.   I hate leaving my kids (okay, that's a lie- I love getting away on breaks).  Let me rephrase that.
I miss my kids when I leave them,  and its reassuring knowing they are having quality time.  Some cute things went down while we were away....
Let's file this one under 'things I'll want to remember years from now but would likely forget if I didn't blog about it'

Summer Read Recommends

Thursday, 10:54 PM:  Miss Organized is just getting to today's post.....
Oh, have I had a week. That kind of week where you really need this shirt:
Everything was chaotic, these are my least favourite things that happened: 1- The kids forgot how to cooperate, share, listen, brush their teeth like humans, eat a proper meal, use their manners.....I lost my temper eleventy billion times and of course Dan was out of town all week. 2- My brother and Dad sent me these videos while THEY were in MY happy place.  A*^&oles.  Okay, it's probably their happy place too.  I sooooo wish I could teleport myself to the beach and just chill with my Aunt and Uncle in their home

2-  I scheduled my day around Willis getting off early  on his last day of school.  Which I'm sure I read somewhere.  Except he didn't.  So I sat there waiting for 45 minutes (because I'm early for early) (yes, I get the irony) and then had to run in only to find out that he still had another 1.5 hours of …

For the Fashionable FANatics

In my dream world, I would have a home in Toronto for 6 months of the year so that I could have season tickets for the Blue Jays. Since that's not going to happen, I then resort to my second happy place; supporting the team by dressing in their colours.
When Fanatics contacted me last week to see if I would put together a few outfits incorporating some items from their extensive list, I was more than willing.  Heck, my searching left me with some items in my Fanatics basket, as I'm convinced that I need  Donaldson and Martin T-shirts. Also, Willis' baseball room could definitely benefit from this site!
I think that I'm naturally a t-shirt and hat type of girl.  I grew up on the ball diamonds and the T.V is always on with the Jays' game.  So this was easy and quite fun for me.  Had they asked me in the winter, I would have happily picked out an outfit showing my newfound Raptor love.
Make sure you hit up Fanatics, friends...they have an awesome selection for all yo…

What we wore #2

We're in full swing of the summer challenge and I think I've actually worn most of the prescribed outfits and only went rogue a couple times.
For the sake of being awesome, I'm going to change up the format of my posts.

First, let's look at what I wore:

Here's the deets on what I was thinking:

OOTD3: denim vest+white dress + head wrap 
I had this white dress in the donate pile as I don't like how big the elastic portion is around the top..but it works perfectly with a denim vest!  I don't like those shoes with it and didn't end up wearing them out.

OOTD4: kimono+ flowy top + boyfriend shorts + metallic sandals
This outfit felt very naturally me.

OOTD5: lace top + bright shorts + colourful necklace + wedges
I was too lazy to shave my legs, so I went with some crazy hammer pants.  My BFF, Christy was in town for lunch and shopping so we were kinda matchy, but not really.

OOTD6: chambray top + white shorts + head wrap + sneakers
I put on the formula just for the s…

Love and Hate

This week, I was tagged by the lovely Kelly @ Familiar Joy, for a fun little love // hate // tag game. Here’s the rules:  the person “tagged” must share 10 things they love, 10 things they hate, and then nominate up to 10 other bloggers to do the same! It’s a great way to get to know others!

So here we go!


1.  clean house:  this especially applies when I go away somewhere.  I love coming home to a clean I'm talking sparkling, floors have just been washed clean.

2.  sunsets and chirping birds: I feel like I may have been Cinderella in another floors, singing with the birds and all that jazz...obsession with shoes.

3.  having nothing to do :  I don't do bored well and I don't really sit still, not to the extent of my sister, but I'm a busy body.  But as much as I love being on the go, I equally love and maybe love even more, just chilling and having nothing on the agenda.

4.  getting the mail:  (and having mail...unless it's bills).…

A Blogger Summer Gift Exchange

At Christmas our group of blogfriends did a gift exchange (here) and we enjoyed it so much that we decided to do it again.   So a couple weeks ago, we all wrote something about where we're from (here) and then this week we're revealing the gifts we received.   I sent my gift to Sarah, you'll have to visit her to see what that little Californian sunshine got. As for me, I got a fantastic package in the mail from Katie in Long Island.  I giggled all the way home with the messages that she wrote all over the box.

As for its contents, Katie was able to teach me about her world in a beautifully written note.  (Long Island is actually an island!!!)
The gal is a teacher, through and through.
I have been to NYC 6 times and haven't explored the area outside of Manhattan, unless you could the outlets in Jersey.
Wait, that's a lie, I've been to Cooperstown.
Anyway, what I really liked about this exchange was learning about these corners of the world that I would perha…

What we wore: summer edition

Once upon a time I started a blog so that my mom could know what really was going on in my mind. Or at least so she didn't have to call me daily. Then my Dad and Grandma, brother and sister starting reading it and so on and so forth.  
5 years later the little blog that could has turned into something else.  It has become my creative outlet, a place where I can weave the tales that I want to capture forever.  It has also initiated some great friendships thanks to style challenges that we've all joined over the course of the year.
Now it's a full blown friendship and I'm very happy to show you what cool things can be done when a group of very diverse ladies, from all across the continent decide that they want to work together. Today (and for the next 3 Wednesdays) we're going to showcase our outfits based on the summer style challenge as well as invite you to enter our giveaway.  It's FREE MONEY, YO!  Get on the entering, now.  
But first on to my outfits this …

Our backyard

5 acres of fresh air is what we signed up for 2 years ago when we moved into our new home, just 10 minutes outside of the city.
Our yard is a blank canvas that we have slowly begun shaping into the vision we have for the future...which also keeps changing, go figure.

So I went out this weekend during sunset to take some pictures of what we have so far, and to maybe show a little of what we're working towards.  This year my main focus is to get the front of the house done and the immediate back.  The rest, I'll just keep dreaming.  I should also learn how to work the tractor so that I don't have to rely on Dan to get everything done.

Grass planted and rock wall built by Dan (he scoured the property and rolled rocks to the front)  I need to fill it with topsoil yet and plant some ever green shrubs.

You can see two plots of dirt here, the furthest being the garden, the closest being trees.  Can't wait for fresh veggies!

This strip will be the apple orchard.....once they g…