What we wore #2

We're in full swing of the summer challenge and I think I've actually worn most of the prescribed outfits and only went rogue a couple times.
For the sake of being awesome, I'm going to change up the format of my posts.

First, let's look at what I wore:

Here's the deets on what I was thinking:

OOTD3: denim vest+white dress + head wrap 
I had this white dress in the donate pile as I don't like how big the elastic portion is around the top..but it works perfectly with a denim vest!  I don't like those shoes with it and didn't end up wearing them out.

OOTD4: kimono+ flowy top + boyfriend shorts + metallic sandals
This outfit felt very naturally me.

OOTD5: lace top + bright shorts + colourful necklace + wedges
I was too lazy to shave my legs, so I went with some crazy hammer pants.  My BFF, Christy was in town for lunch and shopping so we were kinda matchy, but not really.

OOTD6: chambray top + white shorts + head wrap + sneakers
I put on the formula just for the sake of pictures then changed out....went for drinks with Candace and Ali...Candace is also doing the challenge. We had matching bottoms.  

OOTD7: denim vest + maxi + wedges
Was bored with maxi dresses so I took the opportunity to try the ballerina poof skirt and a crop top.  Then I chickened out and wore a jumper out instead.

OOTD8: flowy top + printed shorts or palazzo pants + metallic sandals
Perfectly comfortable and wonderful outfit.  I felt kinda monochromatic so I wore bright earrings and fuschia lips.

OOTD9: graphic Tee + boyfriend shorts + sneakers
I felt relaxed and comfy in this.  Kinda boring, but perfect for running around all day.

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Now, let me talk about one of the outfits....I was going to pick the picture that had the most likes on the Facebook Group, but I thought there were too many variables for that.
Can you guess which outfit from the above got the most likes?

So instead, I decided to pick my favourite outfit of the week and talk about it.....the poof or tulle skirt trend.
I have been eyeing up poof skirts since Jillian Harris started showcasing them in the winter?  I can't remember.
So I ordered a mint tulle skirt, knee length, in March..which they lost and I ended up getting a couple weeks ago.  Then my sister ordered a crop top/ballerina skirt from Simons that she didn't like and I just happened to be there when she was going through her treasures and decided to try it on.  Well, I texted my friends and hubby and got some positive feedback, so I decided to keep that too.  So much for my June shopping ban.
Le oops.

I have yet to put together an outfit for the mint poof skirt and I was going to last night, but then the kids had a day of meltdowns and I gave up and had wine instead. Because that's how I roll.
I did, however, make Christy try one on during our afternoon out....I think she could pull it off!  Well at least she gets points for enthusiasm.
Anita Skirt from Tonic seen here
But hey, if you're looking for a fun skirt, these are the two I have:
Eleventh Avenue

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A Blogger Summer Gift Exchange

At Christmas our group of blogfriends did a gift exchange (here) and we enjoyed it so much that we decided to do it again.   So a couple weeks ago, we all wrote something about where we're from (here) and then this week we're revealing the gifts we received.   I sent my gift to Sarah, you'll have to visit her to see what that little Californian sunshine got.
As for me, I got a fantastic package in the mail from Katie in Long Island.  I giggled all the way home with the messages that she wrote all over the box.

As for its contents, Katie was able to teach me about her world in a beautifully written note.  (Long Island is actually an island!!!)
The gal is a teacher, through and through.
I have been to NYC 6 times and haven't explored the area outside of Manhattan, unless you could the outlets in Jersey.
Wait, that's a lie, I've been to Cooperstown.
Anyway, what I really liked about this exchange was learning about these corners of the world that I would perhaps have not learned about otherwise.  And you can bet that next time I get to NYC, I will be hopping a ferry or a tugboar over to Long Island to visit my new friend!
Thanks for the fantastic beer class and Long Island shaped cutting board, Katie.....I have already put them to good use!

how about them avocados, Carrie??

Oh beer and clam, how I love you.  The drink of champions.

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Our backyard

5 acres of fresh air is what we signed up for 2 years ago when we moved into our new home, just 10 minutes outside of the city.
Our yard is a blank canvas that we have slowly begun shaping into the vision we have for the future...which also keeps changing, go figure.

So I went out this weekend during sunset to take some pictures of what we have so far, and to maybe show a little of what we're working towards.  This year my main focus is to get the front of the house done and the immediate back.  The rest, I'll just keep dreaming.  I should also learn how to work the tractor so that I don't have to rely on Dan to get everything done.

Grass planted and rock wall built by Dan (he scoured the property and rolled rocks to the front)  I need to fill it with topsoil yet and plant some ever green shrubs.

You can see two plots of dirt here, the furthest being the garden, the closest being trees.  Can't wait for fresh veggies!

This strip will be the apple orchard.....once they get established.

In this back corner we have planted trees and Saskatoon Berry bushes.

The tilled areas closest are going to be my memorial gardens.  We're just working on getting the dirt up to par and then I'll be planting a tree in memory of all the great people we have lost over the years. I kinda want to cage this area in with caragana bushes.  We'll see.

The backyard, dog kennel (on right) and homemade toboggan hill.  We're working on seeding grass and then the pool (in those boxes) starts being installed this week.

There is so much work to do, but really, I kinda like it.  It was overwhelming to look at, at first, but now that we kinda have a plan, it does start to make sense.  I'm hoping that next year we can get a deck done around the outside half of the pool that will overlook the fire pit area...but there I go again, getting ahead of myself. 
Oy, so much to do!

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A Saskatchewan girl in Texas

Deep in the heart of Texas.  That's where you would have found me last week.  
Actually, I don't really know if San Antonio is the heart of Texas, but whatever, it sounds pretty.

What happened last week was something out of a storybook.  I "meet" some really kind and wonderful ladies online a year ago when we started doing the style challenges.  These ladies are all bloggers and we figured, hey, why not start going a big linkup to share our outfits and our blogs.   Since then we've grown into a community of ladies who have Google hanged out (is that a word?). There are just some people that you feel an instant connection with.
Well, never would I ever have thought that I'd be flying down to Dallas and meeting up with a couple of these ladies and their hubbies.  Talk about a blind friendship date.
And it was a blindfriendship date that went wonderfully perfect in every way.   
Although it wasn't really all blinddate.  I had met Lana last year (here) when we were in Seattle for a quick coffee.  Since then we've chatted and texted and kept in touch more than just over our blogs. So when Lana's husband contacted me in late April to see if there was any possibility that I would consider meeting up with her in Victoria for her birthday(Dan had been travelling there often for work), I was more than thrilled.  But we ended up picking San Antonio so that we could go see Carrie and her husband. 

Carrie and Dale picked us up in Dallas and brought us down to San Antonio to meet up with Lana and George.  What easily could have been a very awkward 5 hour drive, turned into the most natural, warm and interesting commute.  I instantly felt welcomed with my new Texan friends.  Carrie and her husband, Dale were patient and very informative tour guides, it was like they were old friends. Same goes once we arrived in San Antonio: the 6 of us got along like we've known each other for ages.  
And you know what? I have a feeling it will be the same with the other ladies once we plan our big group get together.

A few highlights from the trip:
We stayed on the Riverwalk which was beautiful!  Tons of great restaurants and beautiful scenery.  I would never have visited this place had Carrie not suggest it.

I think the other great part of visiting Texas was hanging out with Americans and really understanding their worldview.  I've visited various States before but have never chatting so extensively about what life is really like there.  Not gonna lie was quite shocked by the comfort they have with guns  and how very patriotic it is.  Those were the biggest differences I noted from our world.

Connections and community are a blessing and they make the world a smaller, warmer and cozier place.  I am so grateful to have these new friends in my life and I can't wait to meet the rest of them!

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