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Willis' first communion/confirmation

This weekend we did some celebrating of our little not so little anymore boycub:  Willis had his first communion & confirmation.  Our family gathered to show this (growing up way too fast) little man how much he is loved and man, what a good feeling it is to have that love surrounding you.  You are a lucky little boy, Willis Jules.

Now on to the celebrating:

We hosted the family at our place and served Willis' favourite food: pizza.  I did them all on the BBQ and man, was it good.  We had cake as well for Uncle Chris as it was his 30th bday.

Then it was time for mass (I miraculously kept the tear rolls to a minimum)

Kyla and Rob (who was working) are Willis' sponsors for today's events

And then home to yard work and tree watering, which has become quite the production, especially with the lack of rain we've had.  Also, a brick fell on my ankle, so now I'm trying to nurse that back.

It was an awesome day.  Willis, you make me so proud each and everyday.  Here's a little look back at some old pics

Can you spot me and my bestie, Christy, getting crazy at our First Communion??

Oh look, Christy and I again at our confirmation in grade 7.