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My Summer Plans and Recommends

Oh, sweet summer.

I feel like things have just started to get fun: the kids no longer require naps (although I seem to need them still) and traveling with the two munchkins is quite enjoyable.

We've done a couple really fun summer trips so far. Here , here and here. And sometimes it doesn't need to be anywhere far, the lakes of Saskatchewan are always so beautiful.  Check out what we did last year with the Hamiltons here, and two years ago
I have dreams of doing some wonderful summer trips in the future: the Maritimes and Quebec, for example.
This summer though, I really don't want to go anywhere unless it's close to our back yard. We certainly will be doing our usual trips home for strawberry picking and fishing.  Like here and here.  But for the most part, we will be enjoying our backyard.
Why the simplicity of the backyard? Well, we have 5 acres to take care of and trees/plants need watering.  I got the peace and quiet of camping on my deck.  The kids got a trampoline for their birthdays this summer (early for both, but why not enjoy it?) and I just put in an order for a pool.

My dream is finally coming true!
We love to swim.
At our old house we had a 18ft round pool that we got a natural gas heater for and since we've moved out here, it hasn't been used.   The heater that is.  You see, I would have been all over using the old pool, except mice ate it last winter.  Good times.  So we got a cheap replacement pool for last summer and now it's time to bring out the big guns.  But to me, it's so worth it.  When we had the heated pool, we were using it at least 3 times a day.

I want my backyard to be my summer oasis and by the end of June we will have a big ass heated above ground pool to enjoy for the whole summer.  Bring over the bevvies, girls!!!