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Friday 5: Amazing Race Edition

Last weekend we threw a race of amazing proportions as a surprise party for my brother's 30th.  You can read about the lies, deception and great fun we had here.  Today I want to reflect a bit and recap my 5 favourite parts of that weekend, that perhaps I didn't cover on Monday's post.

Teamwork.  I loved planning this with my mom and sister.  We were so organized and efficient that it was scary.  

Seeing my brother so giddy and giggly and loving every minute of our hard work.  When he was home at Easter we got wind from Jen that he told her he wants a surprise party. Well, did we have fun with that, because that's what big sisters do....bug their little brother.  But all I want is to have my friends and family together.  Well Rob, you got it and I'm sure glad we did it; I loved seeing you in your element.  Now for planning that surprise wedding......

I loved watching Willis get into the events.  I wish I could have been following him around as he raced with his Uncle Chris.  My boy is intense.  Uncle Chris couldn't do the Grip It climb so Willis did the 50 foot climb twice to get the next clue.  Willis also did the swim and ran across the train bridge whilst a train was coming.  I can't wait to see what kind of athlete my little boy becomes, because man, he has a crazy drive to succeed. Or beat people at least.

Having a full house makes my heart warm.  I love Sunday morning breakfasts when we all sit down and rehash our weekend.  There isn't much better than this, give me a kitchen filled with family and friends and I'm happy.

The memories!  There were a couple things I would have done differently (book the Room Escape for Saturday as well- I had picked the high diving boards instead. Then the diving boards ended up being closed) I would also have had a videographer with each team.  I did capture everything Rob and Jen did, but it would have been nice to have everyone's memories.  That being said, we got the important moments on tape.  I spent this week putting them together in this keepsake video.

The Official Rob is Amazing Race Video from Dee on Vimeo.

Have a fabulous weekend! Happy Mothers' Day to all my incredible Mommy Friends!
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