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Feeling inspired: What is lovely

It felt like a really good blogging week, which is nice, considering I was having a couple lows this winter.  Really, I think what it all comes down to is making the connections.  When I feel like I'm doing what makes me happy and I am getting to know some really cool people better, then it's exactly how I envision the blogosphere to be.  I think.
Today I'm wrapping up my inspiration themed week while copycatting a series that my bloggerfriend, soon to be face-to-face friend, Carrie does every other Friday.  (which is's hoping she didn't do something different).

Here are just a few things that have left me thinking this week:

1) Joy wrote a beautifully worded post that really spoke to me.  I'm horrible at letting my mind get carried away with worries.  And I may be even worse at going, going, going until I burn out and realize that I didn't enjoy the process of going, going and going.
 Everything gets better when I can remember to give it up to a higher power and to enjoy watching the sunset and to stop and listen to those sweet little birdies serenading me in the morning.

2) My cousin Lea started a secret Facebook group comprised of women in her family/friend circle with the goal of motivating and encouraging one another.
One of her blurbs was about weight and the social:

So let's talk about weight.
smile emoticoSo lets talk about weight.
Yup no one wants to. But I think it's time people do. Weight is such a tricky thing to talk about. As a dietitian, I have a love/hate relationship with weight. I see the value in having a number as it gives something objective to measure. It can really be motivational to people. In my work as a Dietitian, I often tell people that weight shouldn't be such a major thing driving their healthy behavior changes. That they need to look further into what's motivating them, make behavior changes and let their weight level off where it ends up. I think this is a great way of thinking, but not so easy to practice.
What I mostly enjoy about this group is how uplifting it is and although I didn't really take it seriously at the beginning (oops- I may have posted about running because I want cupcakes) now I can see the true value in it.  3 of us now have fitbits and are motivating each other even further to get active.
And by the way, I hate losing, so watch out competitors.  I think I may be in trouble if Jordan gets one.  I even walked around the park while Lucia played this morning so I could get ahead of Candace.                                       

3) Carrie's post on Deep in the Heart of Texas was awesome because if I can be as fit and as stylish as her when I'm her age, then I will be one happy lady.  I love what she says in her post about finding your own style and rocking it, regardless your age.  I think what I admire most about Carrie is the fact that she is strong and fit. I have no desire to be skinny.  I have a ginormous desire to be ripped.  Also, she doesn't have old lady hair.  I never want to gave and get the short hair perm that I feel comes with age.  Not that Carrie is an old lady, she's nowhere near.  FYI.

4) Lana wrote about good teenagers in her post yesterday.  I loved this for many reasons.  #1- Lana is a great mom and has raised her boys to be gentlemen, I would hope that I can do the same with Willster. #2- as a teacher of teenagers, I often get the "how can you be in a room with 30 of them and not go crazy" look from people.  Kay, I do go crazy sometimes because there's always "that" kid in each group.  But for the majority, teenagers are awesome and are just looking to do good and be valued and loved.  I went back to my high school this week that I have taught at for the past 8 years and I got hugs.  Lots and lots of hugs from lovely teenagers.  I've posted about that greatness of high school kids before here.  And Lana, you said it perfect, there is so much goodness in teens.

5) This made me laugh out loud multiple times.  Ah, I love the Bloggess and can't wait for her new book to come out.

And lastly, it's Summer Challenge time. You can bet that I'm back on the bandwagon for summer, and if you wanna join the gaggle of crazies all dressing the same across the continent, then go register here.

Have yourself a stupenderrific weekend

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