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A whole lot of randomness on my brain, so why not spew it out here?

 I lack inner discipline. I start off doing a project then get bored at the end of it and don't make it as awesome as it could be. For example- the Amazing Race video. I wanted to have Willis host it all and explain the legs of the race, but I burned out. Also? Same goes with fitness. I start off awesome then end up sabotaging myself.

I think I still have a 13 year old rebel living inside me. Sometimes I like to shut my phone (aka lifeline) off and avoid contact and responsibility.  This mostly happens after I've run myself down or am not getting enough sleep.  Although, little happens when I get enough sleep regardless.  Ideally I get 8-10 hours to feel great.

 I strongly dislike spelling errors. Especially when they are in the public eye/done by companies. My thought is that if you're too lazy to spell check a sign or what not, then you'll be too lazy to do your job. I even hide "friends" on Facebook who can't spell. If I miss a spelling error on my blog and find it later, I go back and correct it.  My eyes are constantly analyzing anything with words.  Books included.

I won't vote for a political party who spends their (possessive, belonging to them) whole political campaign insulting the other party. I actually don't care for anything political, so I'm not sure why I've included this point.

June is a big month.  I have a trip planned to Texas to see some special ladies, my Pa turns 60, my Ma will be fully retired and Lucia turns 5.  No more crazy parties planned though, I'm taking it easy on that front.  We're facing doing an MRI on Lucy Goosy to see where the growth hormone deficiency developed....or something like that.  All I know is that it stresses me out and I may need to bring out Big Red.  But it needs to be done.

Summer is such a wonderful time of year.  I can't wait until school is out and we can play all day and chill all night.  I love being commitment free.  Also, the kids got a trampoline for the birthdays (early present) this year and it's all they want to do.

Its and it's is probably the hardest grammar rule for me.  I have to sit and think or look it up every. single. time.  Same goes for who's vs. whose.

After taking a good 3 weeks off of anything exercise, I'm feeling healthy enough to start a new program.  My knee is still giving me problems, so I'm going to go easy on the running and have started the Bikini Body Mommy program with alternating runs/yoga days.  We'll see how this goes. It feels good to be active again and it's (stopped for 10 seconds to make sure it was right) crazy how quickly my body can feel strong again. Yay for muscles.

That's it for today.  Come back on Friday for a linkup with the Style Me Bloggers.  We're sharing our Summer Travel Plans and Recommends.....


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