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This is where I'm from.

Why would I chose to live in a place smack dab in the middle of nowhere, where the temperature can range from +40 to -40?  Where there are 4 seasons, but mostly winter?  Where the biggest city (1 million +) is a 6 hour drive away?
I get that it may not sound appealing, but to me it's more than that.  It's my home.  It is where the majority of my friends and family live.  I would have a very hard time moving somewhere mainly for that fact: our parents are a short hourish drive away.  My friends live within 20 minutes and soon one will live across the road!  It would be so lonely without them.  Who would have beer and clam with me on the deck?  Who would go to movies with me?

I was born and raised in Saskatchewan and I am proud to call this beautiful farming province home.   It is where my Grandparents settled, farmed (somewhat) and raised their families.  The highways are lined with the golden yellow fields of canola and purple flax in the summer.  In the autumn, the patchwork…

The Inspired Outfit #2

Last week I remade the outfits of 2 of my womancrushes.  This week, I'm dressing like my bestie and pulling some boho.

1) My BFF, Christy swears by her denim vest, in fact I think that's all she wore whilst in Hawaii.  Denim vest with everything.  So when she texted me this picture of her in her new romper with said vest, I new that it was my time to get crafty.

I also wore this outfit out later in the week, working the denim vest like my bestie does too:

2) I am loving the boho trend that's out in forces this summer.  I saw this crocheted vest styled on zulily and new that it would be the perfect addition to my summer wardrobe.  I think I remember having a crochet sweater in high school...and although I felt like I was disguised as one of my Grandma's tablecloths...I do kinda like this look.  I will, however, try it with a tank top next and maybe someday find some cowboy boots.  

and then I got crazy and switched it up and actually wore this out.  Shocker.

Linking up …

Willis' first communion/confirmation

This weekend we did some celebrating of our little not so little anymore boycub:  Willis had his first communion & confirmation.  Our family gathered to show this (growing up way too fast) little man how much he is loved and man, what a good feeling it is to have that love surrounding you.  You are a lucky little boy, Willis Jules.

Now on to the celebrating:

We hosted the family at our place and served Willis' favourite food: pizza.  I did them all on the BBQ and man, was it good.  We had cake as well for Uncle Chris as it was his 30th bday.

Then it was time for mass (I miraculously kept the tear rolls to a minimum)

And then home to yard work and tree watering, which has become quite the production, especially with the lack of rain we've had.  Also, a brick fell on my ankle, so now I'm trying to nurse that back.

It was an awesome day.  Willis, you make me so proud each and everyday.  Here's a little look back at some old pics

Can you spot me and my bestie, Christy,…

Feeling inspired: What is lovely

It felt like a really good blogging week, which is nice, considering I was having a couple lows this winter.  Really, I think what it all comes down to is making the connections.  When I feel like I'm doing what makes me happy and I am getting to know some really cool people better, then it's exactly how I envision the blogosphere to be.  I think.
Today I'm wrapping up my inspiration themed week while copycatting a series that my bloggerfriend, soon to be face-to-face friend, Carrie does every other Friday.  (which is's hoping she didn't do something different).

Here are just a few things that have left me thinking this week:

1) Joy wrote a beautifully worded post that really spoke to me.  I'm horrible at letting my mind get carried away with worries.  And I may be even worse at going, going, going until I burn out and realize that I didn't enjoy the process of going, going and going.
 Everything gets better when I can remember to giv…

Feeling inspired: outfit edition

I'm going to give my creative voice more ownership in the next couple Wednesday style posts and show you what has inspired me, in the fashion realm.   Whenever I'm browsing the web, I keep my eyes out for things that I'd like to recreate and make my own.

1)  Jillian Harris.  I love everything she wears (and everything about her) (especially her affinity for beer and her potty mouth), but this outfit really stuck out.  I tried it with my light distressed boyfriend jeans (Gap) and then decided in the end that they are too baggy and made my already short and thick  muscular legs look shorter and muscularer.  So I went with my dark Jessica Simpson skinny jeans.  I was also more comfortable and that's important.  I paired it with my light pink Gap jacket that Dan got me 8 years ago.
Jillian Harris outfit source 2) My other woman crush, Anna Kendrick.   I saw Pitch Perfect 2 last weekend and I loved it as much as I loved the first.  Anna Kendrick is my favourite.  So of cour…

Feeling inspired: food edition

Hey peeps,
This week I'm feeling inspired:  I'm back to trying new things in the kitchen, I'm getting dressed (nicely and not scrubbily) and I'm feeling connected to life and the people around me, whether in my face-to-face world or my internet world.
Maybe that's what a long weekend can do for you.
Anyway, so this week I figured I'd focus my posts on what has been inspiring me.
Let's start today in the kitchen with three recipes I've tried from my favourite magazine, Chatelaine and one that comes straight from the family archives.

BBQ Grilled Pizzas and BBQ Corn on the Cob
I need to perfect the art of not burning the crust and eventually I'll grill my own handmade pizza shells and not store bought ones.  I love the smokey taste that the BBQ gives pizzas, and corn for that matter too! These recipes will definitely go on repeat on our summer menu.

Summer Club Salad
I didn't have avocado so I used tomato instead.  And I sillily used turkey bacon in…

My Summer Plans and Recommends

Oh, sweet summer.

I feel like things have just started to get fun: the kids no longer require naps (although I seem to need them still) and traveling with the two munchkins is quite enjoyable.

We've done a couple really fun summer trips so far. Here , here and here. And sometimes it doesn't need to be anywhere far, the lakes of Saskatchewan are always so beautiful.  Check out what we did last year with the Hamiltons here, and two years ago I have dreams of doing some wonderful summer trips in the future: the Maritimes and Quebec, for example. This summer though, I really don't want to go anywhere unless it's close to our back yard. We certainly will be doing our usual trips home for strawberry picking and fishing.  Like here and here.  But for the most part, we will be enjoying our backyard. Why the simplicity of the backyard? Well, we have 5 acres to take care of and trees/plants need watering.  I got the peace and quiet of camping on my deck.  The kids got a trampol…


A whole lot of randomness on my brain, so why not spew it out here?

 I lack inner discipline. I start off doing a project then get bored at the end of it and don't make it as awesome as it could be. For example- the Amazing Race video. I wanted to have Willis host it all and explain the legs of the race, but I burned out. Also? Same goes with fitness. I start off awesome then end up sabotaging myself.

I think I still have a 13 year old rebel living inside me. Sometimes I like to shut my phone (aka lifeline) off and avoid contact and responsibility.  This mostly happens after I've run myself down or am not getting enough sleep.  Although, little happens when I get enough sleep regardless.  Ideally I get 8-10 hours to feel great.

 I strongly dislike spelling errors. Especially when they are in the public eye/done by companies. My thought is that if you're too lazy to spell check a sign or what not, then you'll be too lazy to do your job. I even hide "friends…

A Mother's Day

I have been very fortunate to know strong women in my life.  
My grandmothers both the glue that held the families together, whether it was through the passing down of traditions or the very active role in our lives.   My mother is still very much motherly; I still look to her for council and advice and she is still gracious enough to offer it. A mother's job is never complete.
I spent a lot of Mother's Day remembering this lady. as I visited her home to transplant her precious flowers and bring them back to my place to rest.  Grams' actively gardened and left behind some beautiful rose bushes, daisies and delphiniums that I wanted to salvage before her house was no longer in the family.  After 58 years, someone else with call that house home.  It was bittersweet, indeed.

While I did have some time to do some reflecting, I also spent some time with my little family.  It was probably one of the best Mother's Days in my short history of mommyhood.  Maybe because it was …

Friday 5: Amazing Race Edition

Last weekend we threw a race of amazing proportions as a surprise party for my brother's 30th.  You can read about the lies, deception and great fun we had here.  Today I want to reflect a bit and recap my 5 favourite parts of that weekend, that perhaps I didn't cover on Monday's post.

Teamwork.  I loved planning this with my mom and sister.  We were so organized and efficient that it was scary.  

Seeing my brother so giddy and giggly and loving every minute of our hard work.  When he was home at Easter we got wind from Jen that he told her he wants a surprise party. Well, did we have fun with that, because that's what big sisters do....bug their little brother.  But all I want is to have my friends and family together.  Well Rob, you got it and I'm sure glad we did it; I loved seeing you in your element.  Now for planning that surprise wedding......

I loved watching Willis get into the events.  I wish I could have been following him around as he raced with his Un…

Spring Style Challenge Wrap up

And that's the ball game.   Spring Challenge #2 is done.  This challenge was eleventy times better than the Spring 2014 version simply because of the relationships that were formed a year ago have transformed into friendships. We have a solid group of women who genuinely care about one another and are having a blast working together.  That is by far the best part of these challenges.   So today, instead of me babbling on about what I wore, I thought I'd follow Leslie's lead and feature a fellow challenger.  When the idea was suggested, I immediately thought of Michelle for many reasons:  1) her style is bang on   2) she's a fellow Saskatchewanian  3) we've never met, and I think we grew up in the same small town  4) her posts in the Facebook group were always genuine and sincere. 
She seemed very likeable and guess what, I was without further babblage, here is her post.
Guest post by Michelle Thevenot:
Deena is a fellow Get Your Pretty On Style Challenge…