The Media Room Reveal


it's time to show you what I was up to this winter!  Yayayayay, it's the Media Room Reveal Day!  
This is the last room in our relatively new build that I had left to decorate.  For 2ish years, it was just a plain room with plain brown walls and plain brown couches, with miss matched random end tables and a T.V.    It was time for some serious decor.


I picked up this old shoe cabinet from a friend and decided that it was the best starting piece for my redo.

I touched up the paint with a chalky finished light blue-ish green, I used Americana Decor in Vintage.  I also added wallpaper to the back and shelves for some fun.  My plan for the cabinet was to store DVDs/video games and all electronics.  I also cut a hole in the top shelf so the cords could be hidden and be easily accessible right under the T.V.

Next up was my crazy decision to wallpaper the back wall.  I figured that it was an easy wall for my first wallpapering attempt.  I used the same wallpaper that I had picked out for the cabinet, which  is a vintage looking Damask that reminds me of my Grandma Diehl's house.  You can find it here.  My Grandma Diehl passed away 3 years ago today, and any reminder of her is a welcome reminder in my world.  I miss that lady.

Next up I added blue velvet curtains on either side of the T.V so that it had a theatre-y feel. I also bought surround sound and hung it over the T.V.

After that I acquired Mom and Dad's old record player that was in Grams' house.  Grams' had it set up like a console table and I thought it would be perfect for the T.V room.  It even works!

I then thought that my miss matched and very old end tables needed a sprucing up.  So I painted them all the same shade of cream.  I added some stenciling to one of them in the same colour as the cabinet.

During all this painting/wallpapering, I did some ordering of posters and purchasing of frames.  I ordered all the movie posters from AllPosters, a couple watercolour prints from this shop in Etsy and a movie quotes poster from Beyond the Rack.   I used the Studio Décor Belmont series of frames from Michaels in a mix of white and gray.  All the posters are from our favourite shows: Wizard of Oz, How to Train a Dragon, Friends, Dirty Dancing, Harry Potter, Sleepless in Seattle, Mary Poppins, Peter Pan......I also hung all the playbills from the shows we've seen in NYC and Mom and Dad gave me some of their LPs, including the one that we played incessantly as kids.

Last on the DIY plan was the jazz up my plain white lamp shades (I added a blue/brown ribbon) and sew some pillow cushions.  I also purchased two new brown pillows and a brown knit blanket.

Then my Dad did some DIYing and built me a platform for the back couch so we could have stadium seating.  Kinsey and Addy got in on the building and Lucia helped me carpet it.

Et voilà, the finished product.  I should also point out a couple things that came from Grams' house...her lovely floral ottoman which I topped with a serving tray. And the leopard print blanket which I had many a naps under.

And that's our media room....

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Have a great weekend!  We'll see you back on Monday for a special post on crepes!


  1. I totally remember. You were such a rebel! Still one of my favorite movies of all time. And pretty woman.

  2. I live the wallpaper you chose. It looks beautiful. However, don't you remember all my tears and heartbreak while I took down all the wallpaper in my house????

    Ps- I noticed the dirty dancing poster! Good choice.

  3. I completely forgot about the lovely wallpaper in your home...shit. Ah well, I will just never ever ever take it down. Remember sneak-listening to the soundtrack for Dirty Dancing b/c my mom wouldn't let me watch it??

  4. Amazing!! I love that you did all the work yourself. You must just want to sit down there all day and watch Harry Potter. I know I would. Hugh would be single parenting for a weekend. :-)

  5. I don't even know where to start because there's so much awesome. I need you to come help me decorate - I'm terrible at it. On the other hand, if there was a media room like this at my house my husband would never come out. Every single thing on the walls is perfect. I love how you're watching baseball in the pic with your feet up. Seriously well done!

  6. LOVE the wall paper! it's so so pretty!!

    I agree with Lana, you're welcome to come help me decorate my house!
    we have a nursery and Annabelle's room to do!

  7. WOW!!!! Great job Dee!!

  8. My goodness! This is just gorgeous and oh so comfy! You are so creative...and I want to live with you. That is all!

  9. Oh my word!!!! This looks amaze-balls! Now I need to come over and watch a movie along with drinking beer ;) You truly did a wonderful job---very impressive!

  10. Harry Potter marathon, brilliant. This stupid snow is making want to do it even more

  11. WOW!! Awesome job!! How fun is that!! Love it!! Love the old school record player and all off your grams stuff!! I think when the style me bloggers meet up for the first time it should be at your house!! :)

  12. Thanks! Sadly, my husband doesn't appreciate this as much as I do..he's not big on T.V :(

  13. Do they make Blue Jays' wall paper?

  14. Deal. I can finally watch Steel Magnolias.

  15. Goodness, this room is so fantastic. I love seeing the step-by-step, piece-by-piece transformation. You have such a great eye for style. Love the pattern mixing and the color palette. Well done, Deena!

  16. Tons of wide open spaces out here, and wine. Jesus drank wine, so we're good.


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