A Kinda Christmas Fashion Tale

Our little getaway

Me Mom said she wanted to have a couple days with the kids over the break, she does have days to use up before she retires NEXT MONTH, after all!!!!  So, yah, when she offered, I hopped on the chance to have a little getaway with the hubby.
We toyed with Montreal, Vancouver, Victoria and Los Angeles.
In the end we decided to hop in the car and drive to Banff: it's somewhere we normally just drive through en route to the mountains and haven't really explored.

Sunday: Drive to Calgary.  7 hours.  Stay at Westin Downtown Calgary.  Get in a supper time, wander around the downtown to find nothing open and no one around.  It was a ghost town on Easter Sunday. We settled for a lovely meal the Keg in the hotel, also got upgraded to a Suite.  I guess it pays to travel in the extreme off-season.
The biggened room upgrade

Lonely streets of Calgary

Monday: Shop Chinook (1.5 hours) I was mainly focused on Nordstrom (found some Vigoss jeans on clearance for 35$! Boot cut, dark wash. Yay)  We also anniliated H&M getting Lucy a major spring overhaul (that girl is growing like mad).  I got a sheer/floral tank top and some jewelry. After that it was a beautiful (not really, it was snowing) 90 minute drive out to Banff where we located our hotel (Rimrock Resort).  We adventured out and walked the downtown strip, having an early supper at the Old Spaghetti Factory (of course, I was with Dan) followed by a Queue de castor. Yum!  We had drinks/cheese in the lounge at the hotel later on in the evening and watched the sun set on the moutains.
My lovely view.  The mountains were nice too.

Crazy pants

Beer and Clam. Yum

Queue de castor , aka, beaver tail, aka elephant ear, aka awesome.

Tuesday: Explore Banff day.  We went up the Gondola (Dan freaked out) and hiked the 1km or whatever it was to the summit.  There was soft, glistening snow and it was just plain beautiful out.  We went into town for another early supper (pizza at the Bear Street Tavern- delish!) and then went back to the hotel to do some work. For reals.  We then went to the Upper Hot Springs for a dip and back to the hotel for late drinks/appies again.

Started the day with a beautiful breakfast

A little nature walk.

Up the Gondola where Dan was very very uncomfortable

Hello Christmas!

Dan is obsessed with trees and things that grow on them. So I took a picture so he could look at it always

Me sporting Pastels for Carrie's Create28 outfits. I don't normally wear pastels, or stand on mountain tops, for that matter

Dan's after "deathgola" therapy

Bear Street Tavern delights
Wednesday: Drive home.  First stop Cross Iron Hills Mall.  Hello DSW!!! I found the pair of camo Sam Edelman flats that I have been coveting for a year for 25$.  I infamously leave that store with an average of 5 pairs of shoes. It was a Christmas miracle that I only left with one.  We then trucked it home to Stoon and were there by 7.  We were going to get the kids in PA but then they cried when Mom and Dad told them we would be there early.  Nope, they wanted another night with Grandma and Grandpa.  Sure glad they were having fun!  Also- thanks ma and pa for watching them!!

And that's it.  It was quick and easy but really pretty and I'm glad we got away for awhile, there was so much to talk about  that it was nice to have uninterrupted chat times and sit down meals. And beer. Oh, the beeeer.