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Having a kid in school has made me appreciate our breaks that much more. Who am I kidding, I'm a teacher, I appreciate them probably more than the kids.  I love having Willis home with us everyday.
We get family time in, we relax, we don't have a schedule.  Life is good.
This Easter Break was spent in P.A with my family as we celebrated Easter (of course) but also we had Jen and Brother Rob home with us for the first time since their engagement, so we had that to celebrate AND because BrotherBear turns 30 this weekend, we also put together a special day just for him.  I'll talk about what we did to honour our brother on Friday.  Today, I want to look back at Easters past to see how much life has changed.

Okay, it was much harder than I thought to find Easter pictures.  But this one is from our first house, when Kyla lived with us and Coco liked to sit on her lap to help her play Scrabble.
2009- my 30th birthday month and I say month because we celebrate A LOT.

2010, a photo shoot with some friends.

2011 we did photos for the family...I should do that again.

2012 was the year of the Egg hunt at my Aunt's Farm
 and this happened

2013 we were at my Aunts' farm again but there was lots more snow and a hot dog roast!

and last year we were back at my parents' with Jen and Rob home!

Conclusion?  Life became much more entertaining with kids.  I love spending time with family over Easter.  I miss Grams.