A Kinda Christmas Fashion Tale

If I could relive a vacation moment...

Today I'm linking up with Momfessionals while we're sharing our favourite vacation memory.
That's a tough one.  Recently we've had some really great trips with the kids and there are a couple that they still talk about on the daily.  San Diego (1,2,3,4,5) and Seattle (here)

But really, my most favourite vacation ever is every single summer vacation that we took as family to my aunt's house in Vernon.  It is such a cherished memory that the Okanagan Lake has quickly become my happy place and I'm overjoyed that Lucia and Willis loved it as much as I did when we took them last year.  What is so special about that place?  I think it's a mixture of crisp mountain air, crystal green clear water, warm sun and welcoming and wonderful people to visit with.
I would go there before I'd go anywhere else.
Brother Rob and I circa flourescent yellow swimsuits and pink scrunchies.
The trip when Willis was one

The trip when Lucia was one month old

Summer 2014

What about you, what's your favourite vacation story?