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Crepe making

I was raised with a very strong awareness of my french heritage and it permeates most everything I do: my career is based around it, we speak it in our home, and our recipes reflect it.  It gives me a way to keep my Grandma's culture and traditions alive for my children.
When I lived in Quebec City during 2nd year university, my roommate, Natalie would make this sucre à la crème for us and we would eat it by the pot full.  Thanks to her, I am able to bring a little of la belle province into our world.  Now you can't have sucre à la crème without crèpes and up until now I've mostly be making dessert crèpes.   Add some banana, strawberries, Saskatoon berries and you have a master piece for breakfast. Or, you could add Nutella as well, because everything is better with Nutella.
But lately we've been venturing into savoury crèpes, or suppertime crèpes.  We've played with ham, asparagus and a honey/olive oil sauce and also steak mixed with spinach, brie and mushrooms with a balsamic glaze.  I look forward to the freshly picked asparagus from the garden and maybe some zucchini...who knows.
All I know is that once you've mastered the art of crèpe making, you will want them all the time!

Here's my 1 minute tutorial on the making of crèpe, which is difficult, but the key is having a low-medium heat, a greased pan and the ability to quickly spread the batter.

Crepes from Dee on Vimeo.

And the recipes:

Printable Recipe

Sucre à la crème
Printable Recipe

Have a great week!