A Kinda Christmas Fashion Tale

3 outfits à la Deena

Today is the last Style Me Bloggers link up for this round.  I have loved getting to know these ladies and have met some wonderful women!  When I made up this graphic, I didn't have dates for the spring challenge, so today's post: My Style Challenge will likely be interpreted quite differently by every woman as most of us are doing the Spring Challenge with Alison.

I had a moment last weekend that I don't want to share, but I'm going to anyway.  Candace and I had tickets to see THE Jillian Harris speak, which were also Meet and Greet tickets.
Excited much? I was so pumped to see her that I even tweeted her and she favourited it.  Sounds silly, but little things like that make my heart smile.

Anyway, I put a lot of thought into what I wanted to wear but of course, when I only had 15 minutes left until I had to leave, I started doubting myself.  In the end I think I changed into 9878 different outfits and couldn't find anything that I was happy with.
Problem was, I didn't have confidence and I didn't go with my gut: dress as I want to and stop trying to please others.

Needless to say, when I look back at the great picture that Candace and I got with this wonderful woman, I do not enjoy what I was wearing, I needed a lighter top and to tuck it in...instead of cute, I think I look like 70 year old Deena: frumpy.  Anyway, I know, I know, we're our own worst critics, yada, yada, but in the end, I should have went with my original outfit, which was the same skirt but styled like I did in this post.  Dangnabit.  Funny, as I'm typing this (Sunday) Jordan just commented on my Instagram pic saying "Dee, both you and Candace look gorgeous".
Yup, inner mean Deena needs to STFU

Anyway, in the end it's all good because so much of what she said rang true to how I felt that day.
What I took away from her speech was the importance of relationships, taking risks, giving back and finding a balance in life.  She spoke of the importance of doing things your way and specifically in decor, finding pieces that tell a story and ignoring trends.
Those words rang true to me, in so many aspects of my life.  Often I feel that I get caught up in this linkup and that challenge and those bloggers doing that and what I think my blog SHOULD look like when in reality, it's when I'm doing my own thing that I have the most success and happiness.
Same goes with fashion.  I like doing these challenges, but I don't want to lose my voice and my style.

Had I only stuck to what I knew I wanted to wear and been confidant in my choice, than I would have felt much better and that would have rubbed off everywhere, glitter bombs of confidance.

So for today's link up, I want to share my 3 FAVOURITE looks that I want to try this spring/summer as soon as I find the right pieces.

1) Bohemian
I ordered this crocheted vest this morning.  I love flowy tops and one of my favourite brands is Free People, which tend to very boho.

2) Pencil Skirt with oversized top
We actually saw a really cute outfit at the Fashion Show that had a striped mini with a baggier crop top. It was so cute that I went out and found this outfit at Joe Fresh that I can't wait to wear:
This top

with this skirt

3) Sweater dress + sneakers
I have 2 cute Tshirt/Sweater dresses en route from Simons (stay tuned for a preview once I get them) and then I got this one from Joe Fresh.  I can't wait to pair them with my converse and rock the cute/casual look.

Sweater dress
So if you can rock any of these outfit combos, we want to see it!  Post it on instagram with the hastag #stylemebloggers to show of your interpretations of these ideas!

Also- why not enter our giveaway and win a little money for a little spring wardrobe pick me up? A 130$ Nordstrom Gift Card is on the table for the winner, 100$ for a Canuck winner (boo for the exchange rate)

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