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Spring Style, the third week

Welcome back, my friends, as we celebrate the weekly linkup of me actually getting dressed during the day.  Having the lovely Alison pick out my outfits for 21 days has definitely cut down the arguments I have with myself on what I should wear.  
Wednesday: patterned top, white jeans, bright flats I'm getting way more use out of my flourescent Minnie Mouse flats...makes me want more bright shoes.  The top is from Banana Republic last year and super comfy! I also love that it's nautical and there seems to be nautical everywhere this year

Thursday: striped dress, bright handbag, bright flats. Still chilly here, so I had to add leggings.  I got to wear my new dress from Simons, and I paired it with shades of green.  Green Marc Jacob bag, Mint Green ballerina converse and then my military jacket for warmth.

Dress:  Simons Converse: Simons
Friday:  Chambray + White Tank + Patterned/Coloured Denim + Wedges + Watch/Bracelet Stack I had a work get together in the evening and wanted to b…

Crepe making

I was raised with a very strong awareness of my french heritage and it permeates most everything I do: my career is based around it, we speak it in our home, and our recipes reflect it.  It gives me a way to keep my Grandma's culture and traditions alive for my children.
When I lived in Quebec City during 2nd year university, my roommate, Natalie would make this sucre à la crème for us and we would eat it by the pot full.  Thanks to her, I am able to bring a little of la belle province into our world.  Now you can't have sucre à la crème without crèpes and up until now I've mostly be making dessert crèpes.   Add some banana, strawberries, Saskatoon berries and you have a master piece for breakfast. Or, you could add Nutella as well, because everything is better with Nutella.
But lately we've been venturing into savoury crèpes, or suppertime crèpes.  We've played with ham, asparagus and a honey/olive oil sauce and also steak mixed with spinach, brie and mushrooms w…

The Media Room Reveal

it's time to show you what I was up to this winter!  Yayayayay, it's the Media Room Reveal Day!   This is the last room in our relatively new build that I had left to decorate.  For 2ish years, it was just a plain room with plain brown walls and plain brown couches, with miss matched random end tables and a T.V.    It was time for some serious decor.


I picked up this old shoe cabinet from a friend and decided that it was the best starting piece for my redo.

I touched up the paint with a chalky finished light blue-ish green, I used Americana Decor in Vintage.  I also added wallpaper to the back and shelves for some fun.  My plan for the cabinet was to store DVDs/video games and all electronics.  I also cut a hole in the top shelf so the cords could be hidden and be easily accessible right under the T.V.

Next up was my crazy decision to wallpaper the back wall.  I figured that it was an easy wall for my first wallpapering attempt.  I used the same wallpaper that I had p…

Spring Style Challenge Week 2

The Spring Challenge is in full swing and I'm having extra fun this go around.  I attribute that to a couple things: having friends already that I met during the challenge a year ago and having all the pieces already in my closet, which just makes it a matter of being creative.

Here's the summary of what I wore this past week:
Wednesday: Cardigan + Black Tank + Printed Scarf + White Jeans + Hoop Earrings + Wedges

I got a silly flat tire on Wednesday and had to change all my plans that day, including what I had planned to wear.  Then by the end of the day after I sorted it all out, I was ready to start feeling cute.   Outfit details: Scarf: H&M (old) I like this one Jacket: Modcloth (here) Shirt: Joe Fresh (old) Similar Jeans: Kut for Cloth (Nordstrom)
Thursday: Chambray + White Tank + Dark Wash Jeans + Hoop Earrings + Bright Flats

This outfit made me feel young and fun and happy.  Not too sure if it was the mix of my favourite colours or getting to wear my Britney tee.....