A Kinda Christmas Fashion Tale

Spring Trends: the do and the don't

I did not feel like shopping in January and February, but as the cold funk of winter slowly lifted, I found myself starting to daydream about florals and flats and everything lovely that comes with the fresh renewal of spring.  I also took the time to come up with my new fashion strategy, which I'm going to address in today's most wonderful link up: Spring Trends, the do and the don't.

My new philosophy is to only shop at the turn of each season and because I live in a land that sees 4 distinct seasons, some sadly longer than others, I get that opportunity 4 times a year.  I am comfortable with my staples and basics, so what my seasonal shopping means is getting a few pieces to update what needs updating and adding some new trends.  So without further ado, here are my Spring Trend dos and don'ts.


Do define your own style and buy quality clothes.
For me that means I usually don't spent a lot of trends, but will splurge on good quality staples.  And shoes? I always splurge.  I have recently decided to define my style in hopes of it helping me shop more effectively.  Statement Chic is what I'm going with as I know that I will usually go bold with one element of my outfit from shoes to necklaces.  But that's me.  I wouldn't hesitate to wear that crazy leopard print jacket.
What's your personal style?  You know when you're out shopping and you see something and you can say, Oh, that is so a (insert name here)'s top?   That's because that person has a distinct style and knows how to work it.  There are a few people in my life that I can do that for.  My bestie, Christy is a great example.  She has this colourful flair and wears clothes that are so her and I admire that.  You will never see her in anything unbecoming because she knows what works for her.



Don't overdo it.

There are many things to think about when dressing and it's important not to overdo it.  If I wear a big/bold necklace, then I'll pair it with my go-to pearl studs or vice versa.  Same goes with my outfits.  If my statement piece is my floral skirt, then you can bet that everything else will be simple in order to put the emphasis I want on the skirt. Same goes for makeup. It's either nude eyes/cheeks with a bold lipstick or I go bold eyes with limited blush/nude lips.

"Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory." —Coco Chanel


1) Florals and bright accent colours. Lots of yellow out there but I couldn't find anything I loved, so I went with Kelly Green instead.

Dark Floral skirt- Winners.  Tucked? Untucked?
Light floral top with a fun cut.  Winners
Kelly Green jacket with cute polka dot accents.  Modcloth here
2) Joggers.  I had fun dressing these up and down this week.  I have a feeling these will be my go-to pants....so cozy!

Black joggers- Michael Kors (Winners), paired with floral blazer (H&M)

3) Colour on my face!  Here is a with and without picture of the Glow Pads here.  I probably could have smiled in the second picture and not demonstrated my restingbitchface.

There are still a couple things I want to incorporate into my spring style and I will be spending the next month hunting the perfect pieces down:

1) Flare denim.  Sara, Christy, Candace and I talk about this often and Sara is going to be all over this style's comeback.  I don't want anything with crazy flare, and I loved the guidelines that Lisa set out in her post last week:

Lisa's post here

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2) Overalls.  I know, I know...I am crazy, but I loved overalls in the 90s so why wouldn't I now????!!!

You can check out some of the items that I'm loving and pinning on my Spring Style Pinterest Board, and you can see some of the items that I have in my closet on this board.

Thanks for reading today, I'll be back next week to finish up the last week of Mommy Diaries and then it's APRIL and my oh my, do I have some fun in store!

Now go see what the other ladies are up to!

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