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by - March 06, 2015

I love homemade everything, and I tend to not buy things, especially when it comes to home decor, because I prefer to make it so that my home tells a story, our story.
But when looking around my house in order to find something to showcase for today's post, I decided that I've already done plenty of posts about my homemade diva-ness.
Willis' Bedroom Reveal
Making paintings process
Some yummy food

Which got me to thinking.  Why am I drawn to the crafty side of life?
That was an easy answer.
People have had great influence on me, and who are those people? My grandparents, well and my parents too.
My mom's mom was a painter.  I love that we have so many pieces to remember her by.  It's no surprise that my mom now paints beautiful pictures too.
My mom's dad wasn't so crafty but he showed love to my grandmother when she was at her weakest and well, that is one of the most important lessons I will ever have witnessed.  Read about it here
My dad's mom (our sweet Grams who just left us in December) made us tuques, mittens and scarves galore along with endless doilies, tablecloths and pillow cases.  Oh, and killer marshmallow caramel balls.

This is my cubby in my closet dedicated to Grams'.  Her tartan scarf she wore all the time that I got her in Scotland. Her mocassins (she loved to shop) a picture I got her of Quebec and her needles and pillow case she made me.

My dad's dad was a carpenter by hobby and built the majority of things in their home. Including their home.
It is quite clear to me how great their influence is.

Over the past month, my Dad and my Uncle have spent an enormous amount of time clearning out Grams' house.  She. Kept. Everything.
But in all of it, we have all come home with some treasures and that's what I wanted to share with you today.
My Grandpa built this card table and we spent many hours of our childhood around it.  I feel so lucky to now have it in my home as it's a constant reminder of where I come from and ultimately, what makes me me.

Appropriately, it sits beneath the painting I did of me and my Grandpa on the beach at Sandy Lake.

So friends, that's it for me today, something that made me me.

For the record, this is my current DIY project- our media room.  I'm currently repainting all the random end tables the same colour.
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  1. You are the most crafty person I know. How did you not run off in me in the last 30 years?

  2. I like the original art work you have in your home, such a great idea!


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