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Up today is my blog friend, Sarah who lives down in sunny California.
 I can't cook anything until the kitchen sink is spotless. Mostly our kitchen is clean, but we run the dishwasher before we go to bed, and sometimes there will still be dishes in the sink. So when I get up, before making anyone breakfast I have to unload and fill the dishwasher so everything is clean before I make a huge mess. The kitchen counters a totally different story :) Working on that.

The time that Baby Fox had a blowout diaper. I was sitting on the couch with him in my lap and he pooped and I felt this warm liquid and realized it was poop and not pee. I had to stand up, keeping my knees together because I didn't want poop to go everywhere, so I'm waddling to the bathroom yelling for Mr. to come help. Picture this: a Mom of a 3 week old, waddling to the bathroom with their newborn in an awkward position so that the poop doesn't continue to drip everywhere (think brand new couch and carpet!) At the time it was stressful, but the very next day we were laughing at the picture of me waddling with my knees touching all the way down the hall to the bathroom with the baby in arms.

I like to think that I throw some awesome parties. I love DIYing stuff for decorations, going around trying to put together the perfect party. Mr. says party week he totally loses me to the dark side because I get super anxious, some would say a little snippy and usually have last minute stuff to get done, but in the end it's always worth everyone having a great time and celebrating with family and friends.
Baby Fox's 1st birthday party
Baby Fox's 2.5 birthday party
Baby Fox's 3.5 birthday party
Mini Fox's 1st birthday party
Surprise 40th Birthday party
Mini Fox's Baptism

Sarah blogs over at Foxy's Domestic Side, check out her cute little bambinos over there!


  1. Love the baby poop story! I think we've all been there at some point!

  2. lol at the baby poop story!!! love all your party pics!


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