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My little sister is up today and I'm so happy she found the time to write...she has been quite busy, with an adorable newborn and all.... but I'm biased.

 It has been just about 4 years since my last Mommy Diary.  Much has changed in those 4 years.  I was a new mom 4 years ago, learning the ins and outs of being a parent and discovering a new definition of love. I now have 2 more beautiful babies, making us a lovely family of five.  Our family feels complete and it is wonderful to watch how in love our girls are with their little brother.  They are forever helping me with him, soothing him when he is sad and kissing him to let him know he is loved. Adelyn's favourite thing to say to her brother when he is crying is "Oh my darling, my sweety..." and she strokes and caresses his sweet little head. I have learned a lot about motherhood since my last post and I think my parenting style has changed as well. I feel more grounded now. 
This is probably like many moms but I am constantly cleaning and picking up after the kids.  I try to only do it at the end of the day, but there are many days that I clean up (or ask the kids to clean up) 3-5 times in one day.  I don't like having toys out of place so I have to put everything back in their proper spot in the house. If they are mixed up, I have to organize them and put them in their place.  The entire main floor has to be organized and cleaned before I go to bed so that I can start fresh in the morning, with a neat and tidy house. I am ok with the kids getting messy, don't get me wrong - painting, play dough, lego..., but I just need to have it all gone by the end of the day! I am also constantly on the move and don't like to rest (or get lots of sleep for that matter) and will push myself hard just to get things finished, organized or cleaned. This tends to drive many people crazy....
After I read Sara's post, I realized that I had the same issue with cups.  For me, I usually have like 3 or more random water glasses left around the house.  I am particular with my coffee cups. There are only certain coffee cups that I will use for coffee. They have to be a certain, shape, texture, etc.  
I have also become a bit of a scatter brain.  I forget where I put things, don't remember if I did something and am forever repeating myself.  I am also constantly making myself "to do" lists. On sticky notes, my phone or by emailing myself. The person who emails me the most is myself. I probably send myself 5-10 emails a day. It's the only way I can keep track of things I need to do!

What do I do that kick's ass? I don't really know what I do....I guess I am good at meal planning.  I always have the menu and grocery list planned out for the week so that we have healthy, balanced meals. I make sure we have healthy snacks ready and available for the kids but will also bake cookies with them for a delicious treat.    I think I am creative and I enjoy decorating, taking pictures of my kids and displaying their lovely faces throughout my house.  We just moved into a new house in January and I have really enjoyed decorating the house and making it feel like our home. The art in my house is a reflection of love and family.  

I have had many mommy failures throughout my just about 5 years as being a mom. Some that I can laugh at after, some that I can't.  One that sticks out the most was when Kinsey fell off a bed when she was 9 months old. I left her when I shouldn't have and she fell. Luckily she wasn't hurt but it still sits in my mind.  I fail when I yell or says things I shouldn't say - I let my frustration or exhaustion get the better of me.  But, I have learned that children are quick to forget and forgive and will still always cuddle you, kiss you and tell you how much they love you, no matter how trying of a day you  had together. I love bedtime with my kids where we can read, tell stories, cuddle and discuss our day. It helps me reflect of what I did wrong and what I did right and know that I am loved and I have 3 beautiful children whom I love dearly. I always remember a quote from Anne of Green Gables when I am feeling that I had a bad parenting day, "Isn't it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?". 

As a mom of 3, I have now learned to value my time with my kids, to take time for them, to play with them, sit with them, read a book for the 20th time with the same enthusiasm as the first time.  To lay with them at night, to sit with them at every meal and to be present. Sometimes I catch myself spending too much time checking emails/texting and I stop myself and put my phone away. My kids are more important.   I have learned to take a deep breath before responding and to try and talk calmly when I really want to yell. To always kiss them, tell them how special they are and to let them know they are loved. I feel very blessed for the life I have been given and I try to remember that as much as I can. 

- Kyla

You can read Kyla's past Mommy Diary posts here and here.  This is her 30 somethings experience.  You can also visit the "Recipes" tab on the sidebar to see all her healthy meals.  I'm hoping that someday she gets back to posting her meal planning for me. That's another victory for her....

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