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Mommy Diaries: Kim

Today's post is exciting for me.  Kim is up and she's a lovely friend I met playing ball here, she's also a first time mom and therefore first time guest blogger for me!  Welcome, Kim!
 It drives my husband crazy but before we go to bed every night I tidy my main floor.  Empty the dishwasher, reload it with any dirty dishes we have generated since supper, wipe down the counters and appliances.  Take out any garbage and recycling.  Then I head for the living room and clean up any of Henry's stuff - fold Blankets, put toys away.  Straighten throw pillows and fold couch blankets, the. I ensure that all coats are hung up and shoes drying at the door are put in the closet.  In total I think it takes me about 15 minutes and let me tell you that 15 minutes is worth every second.  I love being able to start my morning "fresh", with a clean slate so to speak.  I sleep so well with a clean organized home! 

 Henry will be 3 months old on March 18th - at this point I don't really feel like anything I do kicks ass.  I guess it's a victory that my son sleeps in his crib, in his own room for 6 hours straight every night, wakes for 30min to feed and then is back to sleep for another 3ish hours.  It's a victory for me because he slept in bed with us and woke up very couple hours during the first 6 weeks of his life.  
I also consider it a victory when I am able to do any laundry or cleaning during the day while Henry is sleeping.  And a Major bonus is when I am able to get supper on the table for when my husband gets some from work!
At almost 3 months old I feel like I fail every time he cry that blood curdling cry, you know the one I mean, the little guy uses all his energy to scream his eyes and face get all red and he very has real tears.  Sometimes I know exactly what is wrong and others I am completely baffled by the heartbreaking cry - I guess this is part of initiation into motherhood if you can survive the times when they can't tell you what they want you will be able to handle the times they are able to talk back. 


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