A Kinda Christmas Fashion Tale

February in numbers and pictures.

Here's a little tally of the numbers in February.....

5: Books read in February toward my 20 books in 2015 goal.  I'm at a total of 11 so far in 2015.

3: Number of times I typically change in the morning until I'm happy.

3: Grande non fat, half sweet Caramel Macchiatos consumed this month.

56: Number of times Lucia said : Mommy, remember when we went to Seattle?

54.99$: Amount spent on clothing on "research" for my upcoming Spring Trends post
Okay I lied....
99$ and 23$
But it's all research.  Yup, that's what I'm going with.
And I really want to show you pictures but you'll just have to wait for that post.....I'd also like to add that I'm shopping smart and really working on defining my style and buying pieces that are very me. I think you'll agree with me when you see my post in a couple of weeks...it screams Statement Chic...which is now how I define my style, by the way.

169.36$: Amount spent at Sephora...why is it that all the big things run out at the same time?
Glow pads

32: How old my little sister turns today.  Happy Birthday, Kyla! I LOOOOOOVE YOU!

28 pictures posted on Instagram

11: kms ran (roughly one run a week)
11: Yoga with Adriene videos completed
4: Number of career ideas I had for moi.
2,722 pageviews on this blog

Eleventy billion: moments I spent dreaming of summer.


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