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Mommy Diaries: My mommy

Our very last Mommy Diary.  Thank you to everyone who submitted, it is so important that we share our stories, I believe we have so much to learn from each other. As for today, let's end with something from my mom.  I give her a hard time and don't tell her enough how much she is appreciated, that is for sure.  My mom is sharing today and I must say this is the post I was most looking forward to.  I love and respect my mom for being such a devoted mom over the years.
I was a very young bride.  17 years old.  Yup, my mom had to sign the marriage license for me.  Just for the record, I was a high school graduate and almost as mature as most brides these days! I was 21 when Deena was born, but coming from a large family I did have lots of childcare experience.  These were the days of cloth diapers that required special folding and sharp pins – most babies got jabbed a few times for sure so I wasn’t surprised to do this myself to all my babies! 
But poor Deena did suffer from my…

Mommy Diaries: Leslie

Our second last blogger is Leslie, a lovely lady I met through the challenges and one of our Style Me Bloggers.  I love her voice in her writing and was thrilled when she offered up a post last week!
When Deena first described the Mommy Diaries series and extended an invitation for her blogger buddies to participate, I was eager to write a post with some of my own “sage mothering advice”.  But the more I thought about my mommy-hood, I decided that I might not have done anything in raising my two daughters, Lauren now 28 and Brennyn now 30 that would be helpful or pertinent to today’s young mother.  So I dismissed the idea.  Then after I read the posts written by our mutual friends, I emailed Deena to see if she might have room for one more mom on the bandwagon.  And she did!  So here I am.
I have always said that God gave me daughters for a reason…the reason being that I would be raising my girls pretty much on my own. For a lot of their childhood, my daughters were without a strong fa…

Mommy Diaries: Me!

Before we start the third last Mommy Diary, I just wanted to let you know that registration opens for the Spring Challenge today! My mom and I are doing this, along with some familiar Style Me Blogger faces

Imagine waking up every morning knowing EXACTLY what you're going to wear that day, walking into a closet full of mix and match on-trend pieces that you love. No more wandering around the mall not knowing what to buy.
All the work is done for you!

If this sounds like a dream come true, then I can help that dream become a reality.

You love looking cute and put together, right?   But sometimes you're not sure what to buy or how to pair it up.  Maybe you're stuck in a "mom rut" of yoga pants or out of style, poor fitting clothes but aren't sure where to start to rebuild your wardrobe.
I'm so excited to share this with you!

My friend and personal stylist Alison Lumbatis, the creator of Get Your Pretty On has just opened registration for her latest GYPO Sty…

Mommy Diaries: Alynne

My beautiful friend, Alynne is up today.   Being present.  Awhile back, I attended a PD course called “The Challenge of Real Life Balance”.   After the course, I have come to realize that everyone’s life is busy, besides trimming some unnecessary busy-ness out and applying the “it’s ok to say NO method”, for the most part you can’t change being busy.  But what the course taught me is that it's what you do with the time you have that makes you succeed and feel good about yourself and the roles you have.  It is a simple concept, but can be applied to so many different roles, and that is to be present.   So what does that mean – be present.  From what I understand it is what you are doing at that time, to focus on that. I guess the days of multi-tasking are gone, and uni-tasking is the way to go.  I sat down and looked at my life and figuring out how I can be present.  So for example, at work, I am present in my job, prioritizing my tasks, setting deadlines, making lists, evaluating w…

Mommy Diaries: Kim

Today's post is exciting for me.  Kim is up and she's a lovely friend I met playing ball here, she's also a first time mom and therefore first time guest blogger for me!  Welcome, Kim!  It drives my husband crazy but before we go to bed every night I tidy my main floor.  Empty the dishwasher, reload it with any dirty dishes we have generated since supper, wipe down the counters and appliances.  Take out any garbage and recycling.  Then I head for the living room and clean up any of Henry's stuff - fold Blankets, put toys away.  Straighten throw pillows and fold couch blankets, the. I ensure that all coats are hung up and shoes drying at the door are put in the closet.  In total I think it takes me about 15 minutes and let me tell you that 15 minutes is worth every second.  I love being able to start my morning "fresh", with a clean slate so to speak.  I sleep so well with a clean organized home! 
Henry will be 3 months old on March 18th - at this point I don&#…

Mommy Diaries: Jordan

One of my besties, Jordan, is up today.   I always look forward to reading her blog and hearing her thoughts on life, she's one of the good ones.

I am the documenting queen. Seriously.  ·         Our kids have detailed baby books. I have written down all the particulars and included pictures from their first year. ·         I make monthly videos. They are typically 3 – 5 minutes long and they stream to our t.v. through Apple TV. You might be surprised how much Calder LOVES watching these. ·         I created yearly photo albums for ourselves and the grandparents.  ·         I blog about lots of the big and small moments that occur in our lives. I get these printed yearly into books.
Sometimes I wonder if the kids will read the blog books or watch the movies when they are older, but most of the time I don't really care. I already love reading the books and watching the movies. This might be more of a selfish victory than a mommy victory! 

·         Did you read my post where Boone wa…

Mommy Diaries: Kyla

My little sister is up today and I'm so happy she found the time to write...she has been quite busy, with an adorable newborn and all.... but I'm biased.

It has been just about 4 years since my last Mommy Diary.  Much has changed in those 4 years.  I was a new mom 4 years ago, learning the ins and outs of being a parent and discovering a new definition of love. I now have 2 more beautiful babies, making us a lovely family of five.  Our family feels complete and it is wonderful to watch how in love our girls are with their little brother.  They are forever helping me with him, soothing him when he is sad and kissing him to let him know he is loved. Adelyn's favourite thing to say to her brother when he is crying is "Oh my darling, my sweety..." and she strokes and caresses his sweet little head. I have learned a lot about motherhood since my last post and I think my parenting style has changed as well. I feel more grounded now.
This is probably like many moms but I …

Spring Trends: the do and the don't

I did not feel like shopping in January and February, but as the cold funk of winter slowly lifted, I found myself starting to daydream about florals and flats and everything lovely that comes with the fresh renewal of spring.  I also took the time to come up with my new fashion strategy, which I'm going to address in today's most wonderful link up: Spring Trends, the do and the don't.

My new philosophy is to only shop at the turn of each season and because I live in a land that sees 4 distinct seasons, some sadly longer than others, I get that opportunity 4 times a year.  I am comfortable with my staples and basics, so what my seasonal shopping means is getting a few pieces to update what needs updating and adding some new trends.  So without further ado, here are my Spring Trend dos and don'ts.


Do define your own style and buy quality clothes.

For me that means I usually don't spent a lot of trends, but will splurge on good quality staples.  And shoes? I always …

Mommy Diaries: Sheila

Before we start today, I just want to let you know we'll be taking a Mommy Diaries break tomorrow for one of the Style Me Bloggers link up: Spring Trends.  I'm super excited to show you what I've put together to update my spring wardrobe!

I was really happy when Sheila sent in her entry.  She's another blogger that I haven't met but have been working with and I really love hearing her side of parenting.  She homeschools her kids and has great stories!!! I don’t know if this is completely ridiculous or crazy but I must read before going to sleep at night. My brain just won’t shut off otherwise. Even if it’s just for five minutes but I have to read either from a book or a magazine. Facebook or other social media doesn’t work. So yeah, maybe that is a little crazy… Again, not sure if you’d call this K.A. but I cook for my family. Every night. (Well, almost every night). I don’t necessarily have a meal plan, but I try to think about dinner in the morning and start pulli…