A Kinda Christmas Fashion Tale

Working on a better me

I'm not going to lie, leaving my face-to-face teaching career so I could be at home with Lucia (and be a cyber teacher) has flipped my life in many different ways.

1- My relationship with Lucia has completely been changed.  Maybe she's growing up and maturing, but she is so dang cute that we spend most of our day cuddling or wrestling or colouring or just chatting. We rarely fight.  I will be forever grateful for this year I was gifted with even if I can't continue it next year.

2- My style has changed.  I was shoe/clothing obsessed when I had a reason to dress up.  I loved being the stylish teacher at school.  Now.....I sometimes wear the same pair of jeans all week. Gasp.  While I do appreciate fashion, I guess I just don't focus on it as much.  Which can be a good thing (hello, wallet) or a bad thing (goodbye, trendy/stylish one).

3- I'm sooooo much more relaxed and calm.  I am not rushed to do anything, I'm not stressed about prepping a class or correcting a shitload of assignments or how I'm going to juggle Dan travelling while coaching Volleyball after school and still being a mom.  

Really, life has gotten better in all aspects.

But, I do know that I am still having to continually be working on moi.  I still want to be healthy, look fashionableish and feel great about myself.  I guess I should share how I've been juggling those things in this changed life.

1- Health.  I'm currently on Day 22 of the 30 day yoga challenge with Adriene.  This one is a game changer for me.  First off, I've worked out 3 weeks straight and enjoyed every last morsel of it.  I don't know what it is about Adriene but her style suits me.  Brother Rob was sitting in the same room while I was doing yoga one day and he said that she sounds like me.  Maybe that's why I'm drawn to her. I don't know. But my body feels great, I'm getting bendy and feeling strong and healthy and I haven't even got in to the meditative and calming benefits of her practice.  Try it. It's free and only 17-34 minutes long, depending on the day. You can't go wrong.  I'm also happy to report that I'm down 6.5 lbs since I started hardcore tracking on Jan 5th.

2- Beauty.  So I've been stuck in a clothing rut. But I'm also not buying anything unless I absolutely need it.  In January I spent a whopping 44$ on jeans.  I'm going to have to do a comparative chart with last year's spending once we get further into 2015. That would be interesting.  Anyway......Winter has got the best of me and I base my outfits on if they match my mukluks and down jacket.  But luckily my bloggy friend, Carrie has put together a challenge that has given me a reason to get dressed.  Here are a couple of my favourite outfits from the first week of the challenge:

It feels good to get pretty and I will continue to make an effort to do so, thanks to her challenge.  Also, she's sending me another sweet gift from her home in Texas.  What a sweet and thoughtful lady.  That brings me to my last point....

3- Me.   I don't have colleagues to bounce ideas off on the daily.  I don't have lunch meetings with teachers of the same mind.  I've kinda lost that "teachery" side of me.  So it's forced me to look at yours truly from a different angle.  What do I want to do in the future?  What will Deena in 5 years from now be doing?  What am I good at? What do I even want to do?  These are all thoughts that are processing hourly in my brain.  So I'm looking at different ways that I can work on me. There are some of the style me bloggers who are throwing around the idea of doing a blog conference or a ladies' retreat.  I'm all over anything that will help me grow as a person and be a better me

Well, that's why I've been up to lately anyway.  Stay tuned, I'm a work in progress.
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