A Kinda Christmas Fashion Tale

Willis' World

My little boy is almost done second grade.
He turns 8 this year and is almost up to my shoulders (which really isn't a great feat, I'm not super tall)
His feet are so big and his toes are getting longer. His hands are so graceful and I love watching them master pieces on the piano.
He has a better front crawl than I do and is very determined when he sets his mind on something. Willis is competitive.
I wouldn't say he's the most empathetic or compassionate of kids, but he tries.  He works hard at any task he is given and is very goal driven.  
He loves baseball, but now loves basketball just as much. Which works out just fine as both teams are from Toronto and the seasons compliment one another.  I have some serious learning to do as I've spent most of my life ignoring Basketball.  Good thing Dan knows a thing or two.
The movie, Space Jam is the current go-to on weekends in our house.  During the break, we had some time to put together this video for his 'Capitaine' day yesterday.

Willis Bball from Dee on Vimeo.

Why does he have to grow up so quickly?