What I've been wearing in real life.

by - February 18, 2015

Happy Wednesday of a beautiful February Break!  I have really been enjoying staying home and not having to be driven by the regular routine of life.  The kids are also really loving staying in their pajamas (underwear) (let's be real here) for as long as possible.
Me, I have been trying to dress up and I have been having fun because along with doing Carrie's Create28, I have been playing my closet game.  You know, the one where I can only wear a shirt once and then rotate it to the back to see if I can wear everything once.  Good times.

Here are a few looks from this past week:

Look 1: Animal print.
I don't wear that much animal print in the winter...it is replaced with plaid.  So I went a different way with my favourite animal sweater. Roar.

Look 2: Patterned bottoms
This is a go-to look for me, mostly because it's so comfy and practical for the random wrestling matches that happen in our living room. Also? When did Willis get so strong???

Look 3: Bright colours
A bright oversized cardi and my Britney Spears top.  Don't need to ask me twice!  It was super cozy for baby snuggling.

Look 3: A stripes look- chevron style
Easy to throw a cozy cardigan over a top!

Look 4: Valentine inspired
This is the first time I've worn a shirt under a shirt, I'm not much for layering that way as I find I get too hot, but I was only going out for a bit for Willis' first reconciliation.  I'm also sporting the lovely Kate Spade earrings that Dan got me for Valentine's Day. 

Look 5: Plaid.
I almost didn't post this picture because I think I resemble a poofing marshmallow too much with that big jacket.  But with the keeping it real theme, I was in the middle of making a fort with the kids and I realized I forgot to take a picture of my plaid shirt. Ah well. The fort making was fun!     


Also- today marks the beginning of the 6 week journey of lent leading to Easter, which is also perfect as my 30 day Yoga challlenge with Adriene ended yesterday.  I'm going to use the 40 days of Lent as a way to keep my workouts on track.....as I'm composing this email (it's Tuesday night), I still haven't come up with a plan, but I will have something decided and started for today.

Finally, I have decided to bring back the Mommy Diaries. It has been a couple of years (see old posts here) and I think its about time we revisit the most important job we'll ever do.

I'll be starting the series in March, so this gives you plenty of time to consider contributing and sending me in your answers.  This series will be in three parts- so answer all three or just two or one.. totally your call.  Write as little or as much as you want, share pictures but most important, share your stories!
Email me at deena.simair@gmail.com with submissions

Topic 1- Mommy brain.  What do you do that is completely ridiculous, crazy and over the top.  I can`t go to bed until all the counters are clean.

Topic 2- Mommy victory.  What do you do that kick's ass ? Can you share balanced meal planning? Do you DIY all over the place?

Topic 3- Mommy fail.  That moment that really really sucks but that it turns out you laugh at after.  Like when Lucia told the world that she plays the guitar. Naked.

Again.  Send in posts for them all, or as many as you want, or none at all..that`s okay too

In other goingons in our life this week:

lots of wrestling

smartass husband and his Valentine's gift for me.

I've finally finished working on the collage walls in the basement

Valentine's supper

Watching lots of Basketball!

My little Raptor fans!

Don't forget to link up your glam looks/Oscars related post on Friday! I'm working on a makeup themed one this week!


                                                        Linking up today with Carrie for Create28!  

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  1. I am digging the heart sweater and plaid pants. I never thought I could wear patterned bottoms but I'm loving the look on you. Oh and the "flours" for V-Day is hilarious!

  2. OH my gosh that heart sweater with the plaid shirt, so cute! The Flours...adorable! Love you guys.

  3. You know I love the plaid leggings, but now I totally heart that heart sweater! And I can't believe that is the first time layering a shirt under it! I dress like that all the time! I freeze! lol!
    I was laughing out loud at the flour valentine! Cute stuff!
    And I would love to be a part of the mommy series! Now I just need to find the time to write something!

  4. I love every single look - but I think my favorite is the one in the snow! Your husband reminds me so much of mine - your Valentine's Day "flours" is totally something he would do. So funny! I'm recommitting to some things this Lenten season - different than what I've done in the past, but necessary.

  5. DYING at the 'flours' - he's a keeper!!! Gotta be with someone who makes you smile!!
    You're looking lovely as always

  6. I love the flours!! I adore good humor and that is it!! Great VD meal - looks so yummy & I think your VD outfit is perfect. As always you have great outfits. I think I tried that hanger thing for awhile last year and then...failed!

  7. Pattern bottoms are my fave...I triple dog dare you to sport some :)

  8. My husband is a goof, but he makes me laugh and that's what counts

  9. It took me awhile to figure out why he wrote "baker's dozen"...I just thought he thought he was being clever b/c of the flours..but nooooo we've been together for 13 years. Oy.

  10. Thanks! How have you been feeling?

  11. Just send me an email if you get the time, if you don't...no worries!


Have a lovely day!